10 Tips to Have a Fun and Safe Family Fall Adventure


Family outgoings are an excellent way to spend quality time together! With fall right around the corner, there are so many fun activities to do. You can take your family pumpkin picking or enjoy the thrill of a haunted hayride. However, you still want to make sure you’re taking proper safety precautions. Here are 10 tips to help you have both a safe and fun-filled day. 

1. Timing Is Key 

While planning what activity to do, also determine when is the best time to go. Research the weather beforehand. This way, you can head out on a day that isn’t too hot or stormy. Consider leaving in the morning so you can enjoy the event before the midday heat arrives. Along with the weather, consider when the place won’t be the most crowded. To keep your family safe from COVID-19, consider attending either earlier or later in the day. 

2.  Bring Along Essential Items 

When planning an adventure, such as hiking, you want to pack a bag beforehand. This way, you aren’t stuck on the trail without essential items, like water. What you should bring depends on your family needs, but here are must-have items:

  • Water Bottles
  • Snacks
  • Hats
  • Waterproof bags for electronics
  • Hand sanitizer 

However, try not to overpack. Lugging around a heavy bag can strain your back. To find the right size backpack, determine the hike’s length and how much you plan on bringing. When getting ready to leave, make sure you first plan out the path you’re going to take. This can ensure you won’t get lost or become too tired on the journey back. 

3. Keep Any Valuable Items at Home 

You will want to bring along your cellphone or maybe even a camera to take pictures. However, consider leaving your laptops, jewelry, and cash at home. These valuable items can attract pickpockets. Plus, leaving electronics at home allows you to be in the present moment with your family. Also, to reduce the need to carry wads of cash, buy tickets ahead of time. 

When storing your things at home, consider getting creative. You can keep valuables in hollowed-out books or false containers in your cupboards. 

4.  Find the Right Footwear

Your fall activities will probably include a lot of walking around in fields. So, having comfortable sneakers is key. You want to look for ones that provide enough support to prevent blisters. Also, proper footwear provides better traction on slippery surfaces. Along with shoes, make sure you have cozy socks that go up past your ankles. 

Before purchasing your footwear, walk around in them to ensure you have enough room. Also, break in your new sneakers before the outing. 

5.  Figure Out Meals Ahead of Time

Your children are likely to become hungry at some point during the day. This is why bringing along snacks is an excellent idea. It can also prevent them from having a meltdown at the pumpkin patch. Although, this can only satisfy them for a few hours. So, figure out the best spots to get meals or if you can bring in outside food. 

Consider bringing turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for protein. Also, add in some fruits or raw veggies for a healthy bonus. Plus, these foods don’t require you to share utensils, which is more sanitary. 

6. Have a Meeting Location

When it comes to going out, not everyone may want to do the same thing. Suppose you decide to let your children explore the orchard on their own, set up clear guidelines. This entails letting them know where they can go and how long they can stay out. Then pre-determine a place you will all meet at the end of the day. Also, make sure your kids have a way to get in touch with you in case of an emergency. 

7.  Drink Plenty of Water 

Staying hydrated is especially important when you’re outside.  However, amid all the fun, you may forget to consume water. If you feel thirsty, dizzy, or tired at any point, these could be signs of dehydration. So, consider bringing a reusable water bottle you can fill up throughout the day. Also, try to limit the number of sugary drinks you pack. 

8. Wear Sunscreen

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the sun’s radiation can’t still be harmful. So before heading outdoors, slather your kids and yourself with some sunblock. Keep in mind the strongest rays are between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so you want to plan accordingly. The best type of sunscreen should contain hydrators and antioxidants. Also, look for a label that has a minimum of SPF 30. 

9.  Pay Attention to the Rules 

When attending any event, you want to ensure you follow all stated guidelines. For example, hayrides limit the number of people per ride. Some places may also have certain COVID-19 safety precautions, such as social distancing. These rules are put into place for your protection, so it’s essential to follow them closely. 

10.  Dress in Layers

Wherever you go, you want to prepare for the changing weather. This is why dressing in layers is key. Consider wearing a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly later in the day. You can always take it off if you get too hot walking around. Also, bring some extra rain gear. Even if it doesn’t rain, the jacket can double as a windbreaker. 

How to Have a Safe Family Outgoing 

There are so many fun family things to do in the fall! With the leaves changing colors, it’s the perfect time to get outside. So, when planning your next adventure, keep these safety tips in mind. 

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