Wearever Incontinence Products Make Great Gifts For Our Loved Ones.



Incontinence is such a personal matter. But, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re close with a loved one that suffers from incontinence, then make it an easy to talk about the matter. It’s part of life. Many elderly suffer from incontinence, my own mother suffers from this medical condition. And, instead of shying away from the conversation and acting like it doesn’t exist, we talk about it, and yes sometimes we laugh about it.

I want my mom to be comfortable in her own skin. This is a fact of life for her, and there’s no need for her to feel badly about a medical condition she simply can’t help.

You may wonder why I would even think of giving my mom incontinence products for Christmas, or stuffing them in her stocking. Well, the plain and simply truth is, she’s on a fixed income. She welcomes these types of gifts. They help her get though a very difficult time. So, with that being said, this year, I found mom some stocking stuffers early!  I’ll be stuffing moms stocking with amazing incontinence panties and bed liners! And on Christmas morning when she digs into her stocking she will not be embarrassed, she will be thankful!

Wearever is one of our top choice this year in our 2013 Holiday Stocking Guide!


Wearever has some fabulous stocking stuffers for those that suffer from incontinence. Don’t worry you will offend a loved one with such a gift, more than likely they will be grateful!

Some of Wearever products Includes:

Wearever Women’s Super Incontinence Panties.

Wearever Men’s Incontinence Super Briefs.

Quilted Plaid Incontinence Pad.

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