Preparing Your Wedding Invitations



The wedding invitations you mail out to those on your guest list are important for welcoming friends and family to your upcoming event. Not only do you want your invitations to reflect your personal taste and the theme of your wedding, but also you want to send your cards in a timely manner. If you think you will mail them out after one afternoon of addressing envelopes, think again. It can take a month or even two months to write, stamp, and mail al your cards, so budget your time realistically. It’s a good habit to send the cards out approximately six to eight weeks before your big day so that out-of-town guests can schedule flights and other travel arrangements. In-town guests will need adequate lead-time, as well, so they can arrange their calendars around your ceremony and reception.


There are plenty of decisions to be made before you start addressing your envelopes, too, such as the type of paper, font, style, and colors you’ll use. You can create professional looking invitations if you have access to an inkjet printer, or you can take them to a print shop after designing them yourself. Allow enough time to create and mail these milestone missives. For more ideas on making your own DIY wedding invitations, take a look at this infographic.


DIY Wedding InfographicPresented by Country Club Receptions>


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