Motorola Talkabout T480 Helps You Keep in Touch with Those You Love


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You might not think of a Motorola Talkabout T480 for Valentines Day as a gift but why not?  Valentines Day isn’t just for couples.  There are many reasons you will find that a Motorola Talkabout comes in very useful. 

Motorola Talkabout T480 Helps You Keep in Touch with Those You Love


Pros of the Motorola Talkabout T480 

When the unexpected hits you can stay connected.   The always-on connectivity and instant communication keep you and your family ready for emergency occurrences.  Even with the power is out or cell phone towers are down, your radio will be charged and ready to go.  This will ensure you get weather alerts and you can communicate with your community.  

How far can I expect my radios to communicate?

The communication range quoted is calculated based on an unobstructed line of sight test under optimum conditions. Actual range will vary depending on terrain and conditions and is often less than the maximum possible. Your actual range will be limited by several factors including, but not limited to terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference, and obstructions.

Motorola Talkabout T480 Helps You Keep in Touch with Those You Love

Fun Features

FM Radio in Two-way Radio

This is one of my favorite features of the Talkabout T480.  I love that it has an FM radio mode which allows me to listen to my favorite songs or news.

Light Your Way
Especially during emergencies, the built-in LED flashlight gives me a safe feeling during dark adventures, and unexpected emergencies or power outages. I also like that the flashlight also automatically turns on during a blackout and when unplugged, so you always have light during an emergency.  Anytime we have lost power I always seem to have to search for a good flashlight, now that is no longer an issue.

Ready-to-Go Radio
The wall/desk stand is easy to use and keeps the charger cable neatly tucked away. The stand bottom opens and you can roll in the rest of the cable, resulting in no tangling wire.

Charge Quietly – Don’t Miss Alerts
Quiet Charge allows you to charge the radio and turn off calls. You will still receive weather and emergency alerts, so you don’t miss important information.

IP54 Weatherproof
With the IP54 weatherproof design, the radio withstands the effects of rain, snow and other weather conditions.

22 Channels Each with 121 Privacy Codes
With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, totaling 2,662 combinations, it is easy to find an available channel. 

Know the Weather In Advance
I always check my weather app each morning when I wake up but sometimes it seems to be out of date.  So now I keep updated with real-time weather conditions by turning on the weather channel or initiating weather alerts. With these capabilities, I will always be prepared for the unexpected.

NOAA radio service may not be available in all areas. But you can check with your local weather office for frequency and details, or visit (Canada:

Quickly Ask for Help
When in danger, easily ask for help. Press the emergency alert button, and the radio will transmit an alert siren followed by spoken or incidental sounds. This will allow others to know that you have an impending danger.

Power Through Your Adventures
There are two ways to power your radio. You can use NiMH rechargeable batteries included for up to 10 hours. Or use 3 AA batteries on the go for up to 26 hours. This way you will always have an option on the go.

There are three ways to charge the NiMH rechargeable batteries. You can connect it to your vehicle adaptor,  your computer, or plug the micro-USB cable into an outlet. So you have more than one option to charge it if you aren’t near an outlet.

Extra Power When You Need It Most
Push-To-Talk (PTT) power boost allows you to extend the transmission range by increasing the transmitter power output. It also saves battery life when no power boost is necessary.

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ken ohl

these would come in handy to communicate with

Amy D

I’ve really wanted to get walkie talkies for my daughters, and these look amazing. These are perfect for camping. I love that they are waterproof, have 22 channels and have radio.


These would be great for the kids to use.

Christopher Mason

I can’t wait to get this to use for my daughter so she can communicate with her best friend a few houses down.


A nice kid’s toy.

Lucy Rapposelli

What a great giveaway!!! Could really use these to keep in touch with the kids when camping

Tamra Phelps

My oldest nephew loves this kind of thing. They would be really handy in emergency situations.

April Monty

These are so cool, like modern day walkie talkies!

Steve Weber

I love that they are weatherproof! super cool feature.

Kimberly Frazee

I think I love the idea of the FM radio. Sometimes one of us are up on the north 40 and its nice to keep the weather handy when your up there

Robin Creager

Wow! The Motorola Talkabout certainly has a lot of features that one needs in case of emergency. I like that it is weatherproof and also has FM radio. Great to have on hand during a weather crisis or if the power goes out. Nice review!!

Betty Jones

These would be awesome for my son and husband to use while in the field. We farm and sometime you are in a spot where cell phones don’t pickup these would be a great backup for them to use to communicate with each other.


These are walkie-talkies beefed up! WOW! These bad boys do it all and have great extra features! We would use these camping and hiking…. and my kids would use these daily running the neighborhood!

LeAnn Harbert

We could really use these on our farm.

Dawn Monzu

These would be so perfect to use! In Nebraska we have so many tornado scares, so if we had these it would make me feel a little better. They sound like they work really well. I’d love to try them out!


looks helpful


would keep


i love that it has the weather app on it!! I love to know the weather

Jessica Gipson

I love all the features, my favorite is the ease of finding channels with privacy.

Tamra Gibson

Wow this is perfect and honestly would be a great gift. I love that it works in power outage. That is one if my biggest worries with my kids. When I can’t reach them I go crazy. I’m really happy to see Motorola come out with a product like this

Jeremy McLaughlin

This would be great for my sons.


This would be great for my son

Angel Waddle

These are a great idea

Jeanna Massman

This would be a fantastic addition to an emergency kit or a camping pack.

Kelly D

I like the feature of the emergency alert button, so the radio will transmit an alert if needed.

Cathy Bradford

This would be great when my husband is in the back of our property, cell does not always work

Laurie Nykaza

My family would love using these I’m always outside and they could use it to keep in contact with me there . We go walking to the park with our dogs and we do split up so we could use them to stay connected there too.

Randi J Cook

This would be great for communication when I’m at the back of our property.

Seyma SHabbir

I love that it is weatherproof. I have had walky talkies that got damaged with rain. Love that they are great for different terrain so when we hike we can use it!

Melissa Storms

I think these would be great for when we are walking through the woods or picking wild berries and get separated.

Juana Sanchez

These would be great for when we go camping. Love the emergency feature button.

Shannon Vitvitsky

These are awesome!

Angela Saver

I love that these are waterproof and that you can charge quietly and not miss emergency and weather alerts!

jeanette sheets

i sure could use these for my family especially on outings or camping trips adds extra level of security .

Brian L.

These are great. With also a radio, 2 ways to charge and the send help nice! Great for camping and hanging out and being able to keep in touch while at the mines in Arkansas.

Nicole Martin

These would be awesome for camping!

Sue E

These radios would be great for camping, hiking, emergencies and more!!
They are very handy to have!

MD Kennedy

These look awesome! My husband and I should carry them when we go hiking!


This is an amazing review very detailed And makes me want to buy this item

Leif E

Love all the extra features. Ours not just walkie talkies.


These would come in handy when 4wheeling

Will G

They look really nice!

Kim Avery

These would be great to have for when my husband is in the garage. Better and easier than a cell phone!


I like the emergency alert button function as well as the built in LED light.

judy sizemore

these would be great to have this summer I can talk to my son while he is playing in the yard an I am in the house

Dan Dykstra

I like that the built-in LED flashlight gives me a safe feeling during dark adventures.

Della Dabner

These would come in handy during the rough weather season here in Arkansas.


If the price of this WT will rise significantly with LiIon batteries? I don’t think so

Margaret Smith

What a great review. These Talkabouts sounds like they are top quality.

Abigail Gibson

Motorola has always been one of the top makers of radios. Awesome!