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hasbroempireMy ten-year-old nephew Ben is a big Monopoly fan. He collects different versions of the Hasbro Monopoly game. So when the Hasbro Monopoly Empire game arrived, I went and picked up my nephew for a “Hasbro Family Game Night”. We ordered pizza and played the new Empire Monopoly for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun and is different from the original version of Monopoly.

Instead of buying streets and building hotels on your property, you buy Empires like Xbox, McDonald and Ebay. The object of the game is to build your empire faster than you competition. Unlike the original, the Empire is based on building businesses. You must  buy up business to fill your billboard, once your billboard is complete you WIN! Of course, and as always my nephew beat me!

Similar to the original version of Monopoly you use tokens, but with new and cooler tokens. The Empire version has Golden McDonald Fries, a Coke Bottle, Xbox game controller, Paramount movie sign, Chevrolet car and a motorcycle.

Monopoly Empire_Pack & Product Hi-Res
The Monopoly Empire has a few new twist. There’s a special place on the dice that allows you to steal empires from your opponent. When you “pass go” you don’t collect $200, the amount you collect will be related to the number of brands you own.  And while I still love and will always love the original version of Monopoly, the Monopoly Empire takes less than an hour to play.

Ben and I really enjoyed playing the new Monopoly Empire. We’ve even made a date for Family Game Night so that all of use can get together and play the new Monopoly Empire.

The Monopoly Empire would make a great Christmas Gift for just about anyone!


Age: 8+; Players 2-4; Available: Summer 2013; Approximate Retail Price: $19.99

Experience everyone’s favorite property trading game in a whole new way! With the MONOPOLY EMPIRE game, kids can now buy and sell some of the world’s favorite brands. Twenty-two top brands such as Coca-Cola, Xbox, Samsung, EA and McDonald’s line the tricked out game board, letting players live out the fantasy of owning it all! Make your way around the board buying up your favorite mega brands and adding them to your billboard tower. Collect rent from your opponents based on your billboard and be the first to complete your town to win the game!

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Hasbro has been generous enough to offer 1 Lucky Mom Blog Society reader a chance to win a MONOPOLY EMPIRE Game . For you chance to win, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. GOOD LUCK!

Your votes were counted and now the purrfect addition to your household has finally arrived. Following a worldwide vote earlier this year, Hasbro welcomes the cat token to the classic MONOPOLY game! The cat takes the place of the iron token, which was pressed out of service at the end of the global vote. Bring home everyone’s favorite property trading game today! The classic MONOPOLY game featuring the cat is now available on Hasbro Toy Shop  and at mass retailers nationwide for approximately $17.99.



Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.


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Colleen Schilinski

I’d love to win this because Monopoly is about the only board game I enjoy playing, and the one I have has seen better days – it is very old.

Cindy Pace

This looks like an amazing upgrade to this game….

Cindy Bowling

We love Monopoly

Kasee Johnson

My oldest son collects Monopoly games. And he doesn’t have this one yet! The only way I can convince him (at 19 years old) to join in on Family Game Night is by rotating Monopoly games through the line-up. This version sounds fun!


Why? Because, I have played this game with my mother and cousins since I was a young girl.(grandma of six now) I would like to play Monopoly with my children and grandchildren, too. Recently, my youngestdaughter of age eight has been wanting to play board games with us. We have started her out on Scrabble. She would enjoy learning to play Monopoly too. Thank you. gahome2mom

Becky Rawlinson

We love to play any kind of Monopoly.

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janell wagner

my oldest grandson would love this


I want to win because my husband is out of work and doesnt fore see going back until March I am due in March with our 3rd baby also so Christmas may be a little tight his year

Kelly Massman

we would love to add to our monopoly collection; thanks

Margot C

I would love to win this because when my step-son visits in the summer he loves to play board games


Once a week we have a family game night and this would make a great addition.

Christine Beasley

We love playing Monopoly!

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