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ju-ju-be bagsJu-Ju-Be: Smart bags for smart people!

Do you associate Ju-Ju-Be bags with diapers and babies? I used to, until I got to try out their amazing Superstar travel bag. While Ju-Ju-Be does create practical, durable, and beautiful diaper bags, they also have a great line of travel bags, as well as accessories, wristlets, wallets, and more. They think of the small things, such as germ and stain protection, making it a super smart line of bags.
“We’re usually very humble about how smart we are (yeah, right), but these features are for real. See how smart our bags are…you’ll have fun studying up and getting smart yourself…we call it Ju-Ju-Beology!”
The Superstar bag is perfect for traveling in style. You can pack neatly with the convenient rectangular shape. The lightweight fabric is durable, but not bulky, so you can save the bulk for the items you need most. A small zippered compartment in the front is perfect for on-the-go needs, such as passports, plane tickets,and some small change. I love the Flower Power print. It’s easy to find in case I decide to check it, but it’s not tacky. It is loaded with personality, and cheers me up every time I look at it. 
Superstar Features
  • Dimensions are 20″x12″x13″ 
  • Weight is 1 pound, allowing you to load it up!
  • Fabric is Teflon coated for easy cleaning.
  • Hardware is made of sturdy metal for durability.
  • Bag is machine washable.
  • Linings are light colored so you can see what’s inside easily. 
  • Linings are antimicrobial, killing germs, bacteria, and more.
  • Sturdy D-rings allow you to attach a messenger strap if you’d like (purchase separately.)
  • The Superstar bag is available in eight prints, ranging from fun and trendy, to sophisticated. 
  • Bags are PVC free.

By purchasing Ju-Ju-Be bags, you are also contributing to a great cause. For every bag sold, Ju-Ju-Be donates to Breast Cancer Initiatives. 

You can enter to win your choice of Superstar bag by clicking on the image below!


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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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Beth~ A Disney Mom's Thoughts

What a great bag! I’ve never heard of this brand. I love what I’ve learned from this post. I agree- it would make a great travel bag! 🙂

Shannon Stubbs

I have a few friends who quite possibly own ALL OF THESE bags…..okay, maybe a little dramatic. But, I have never had one and really want to see what all of the fuss is about.

judy sizemore

i love this bag it has plenty of room

Ashley Renee K.

Very very positive! If I had the money I would totally buy one, they’re super cute. My lady will still need one of these for a few more years! ;D xoxox <3

Sarah Studinski

These would work so well for carrying all the electronic junk that now fills our lives. And bonus? Semi-waterproof 🙂

LISa Newton

I love that the ju ju bags are so roomy and I love the design s. They r so pretty

Sarah Griffin

Great job on the review! I really did think that they were just diaper bags before reading this! Now I really want one even more…lol

Tracy Weakland

I really like this brand. This bag would make a great bag for “extras”

Barbara Platt

my granddaughter would love this bag

Kami Allen

I love this bag! It’s so neat that it can be used for other things and it’s fashionable.


I love the prints that they offer!

Toni C.

Awesome bags! They look so roomy & versatile. I would love to try one!


I have not heard of this before but they look like bags that can be helpful for many different situations.

Kim Kenny

I love the colors of this bag! And the fact that it is so big & machine washable!

Michelle Swetland

I didn’t know that Ju-Ju-Be donated to breast cancer initiatives. It makes me like them even more as a company.

christine k

i would love one of these… especially since it is completely machine washable 🙂

andres perez

great!!, Fresh!!, simple!!, lovely!!!

Alesha OL

That is such an adorable bag, I would definitely use it, my kiddos are all older, love it

Arena Thompson

Great review! I love Ju-Ju-Be! Machine washable is AMAZING!! 😀

Cheryl Rogers

I really think this bag is cheery too! I like that it is lightweight fabric and how versatile it is!

Sandra Watts

I love this bag. Great colors!


I love the Ju-Ju-Be Superstar Travel Bag! So colorful, cheery and just the perfect size!

michelle oakley warner
michelle oakley warner

i have not seen these cool bags but they are amazing i love the styles and they look so sturdy, wht a great review thanks a bunch

Sarah Hayes

i love JJB. this bag looks great and I think it would be really easy to carry.

Lisa Williams

I love this bag it’s cute and I like the size and all the extra compartments and one of the features that i loved most is the antimicrobial lining(kills germs)and stain resistant,so this would be fabulous to win!

Angela Hendricks

I love that they are germ and stain resistant. Those are two qualities I look for when buying a bag.

melissa stone (@momma1g2b)
melissa stone (@momma1g2b)

wow i thought they just made the bags for babies didn’t know about all the other ones they made!

Leigh Anne Borders

Love this roomy bag and like that they offer a variety of products!


I love the colors of the bag. It is so pretty!



barbara corbitt

i know a few people who have some of these bags, and they rave about how wonderful they are. personally, i am impressed with every aspect of these beautiful bags. Easy to keep clean, large enough to hold everything i would need to keep with me and they are absoultely gorgeous! would love to have one of my own.

tErri Daughtridge

They look nice. I just have a plain Jane Winnie the pooh one.

ashley irby

These bags are absolutely adorable! Love all the prints!

Linda Manns Linneman

I really like this bag. I like that it is light weight and can be cleaned easily. Thank you for this opportunity to win

Linda Bradshaw

This is fun colors and style. I would love to keep this for myself.

Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

These look amazing and functional! haven’t heard of them before thanks for sharing

cheryla lister

Love the fabrics these bags are made from! This is a new company to me.


This bag has a cute print and has so many wonderful features.

Michele P

I love the designs/prints of the bags and am glad to see they are easy to clean and can be used for lots of things and the antimicrobial feature is even better!

Carlene R.

I love these bags !! Have never had one before but they look so amazing and the reviews on them are outstanding. Would love the chance at winning one … fingers crossed !!!

Ingermaria Berryman

Thanks for the great review! What a cute and practical travel bag! I would love to have one. I like that they’re antimicrobial and easy to clean.

Sue Hull

This bag is so pretty! The size is perfect. I’ve been wanting one of their bags since last year. Thank you for the informative review 🙂

Nancy C

I love Ju Ju bags! This one sounds great since it is lightweight with zippered compartments.

heather baker

I love this bag, very cool!

Cathy Jarolin

This review for the Ju-Ju-Be Bag is awesome. I learned a lot reading your review. I Love that it is made of Teflon and can be cleanes easy. Also that the linning is antibacterial . Also the shape is perfect for folded items. The colors are all pretty and Bright. I love bright pretty items.. Thankyou for giving this Great Review! Have a Great Day


I love the bright colors.. very stylish!

wendy c g

Love that it is machine washable and pvc free


My favorite pattern is their platinum petals.

Robyn Stelter

Cute enough to be a purse!

Deborah D

I like that it is easy to clean.