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“Babies cannot adequately grasp a teething ring or toy until around the age of 5 months, however their teething symptoms can begin long before. 

Gummee Glove secures safely to baby’s hand with an adjustable velcro closure, preventing the toy from dropping on the floor, and giving parents relief from constant toy holding.

The glove accommodates a baby’s natural tendency to chew on their hands and features a detachable silicone teething ring for easy cleaning and refrigeration.

Ideal for the car, stroller—or anywhere when mom/dad just needs a few extra minutes in the day!”

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Rosmiza jaafar

First time saw this kind of teething toy,already fall in love


My baby would love this, very cool for a baby!

Rae Jean Wycoff

That certainly would solve the pick up & wash the teething toy several times problem!

April Vaughan

Love these little things

Michele L

What a great idea! I love that the ring is removable so it’s easier to clean.

Shelley Homel

Wtih a 6 month old teething grand baby I MUST have this wonderful Gummy Glove. I look for soft chewy things that are safe and satisfying and this looks like it fits the bill exactly. I hope I can win this great giveaway for him.

Lara C.

This is so clever! I love the idea of this since babies have their hands in their mouths anyway!

Melissa K

This is such a unique idea, but one that makes perfect sense!

Darlene Sullins

I absolutely love this! Companies are getting so creative! This would be perfect during car rides!!!!

jessica z

Cute giveaway! Love this idea!


This is such a life saver for parents

Julie L

This is a great idea since they’re always trying to put their hands in their mouths.

Robin Abrams

My grandson would love these. I think these are great ideal

LeAnn H

I want this for my granddaughter, she has started teething and could use this

Cari Lingwood

This looks amazing! How has this never been thought of before!?

Amanda Heck

what an amazing idea!!! and safe!

Thalia H

this is oretty cool! would definitely work to keep baby’s interest and is perfect since my lil guy loves to chew on his hand.

jeanette sheets

this is genius!never seen one ;like this before !love it


this is genius idea!!

Kathleen S.

I’m a new grandmother. I watch my daughter who is a new mom to her daughter, trying on her mom shoes! One of the things she is dealing with is a teething girl. I bet you this would help my granddaughter feel some relief, as well as mom!

Amanda Schaeffer

This is such a cool product thank you for reviewing this I have a 4 month old who is getting her first teeth and it hurts so bad she is to young to hold a teething toy she keeps dropping it she wouldn’t have that problem with the Gummee Glove.I will be checking this out ASAP Thank you so much for the review 🙂

Lauryn R

This is such a great invention, I love it! This is definitely the perfect teething toy for infants, since they are constantly dropping their toys. My baby girl would definitely nom nom on this! 😉

Haley Cook

I would love to have this for my six-month-old. All he does is bite everything.

Lena Mccurdy

love this,wish i had one for my babies


What a fabulous idea to help babies get through this tough stage.

michelle k.

I’m sorry I didn’t think of this idea, this is great

Brooke B.

This is an awesome idea! I wish I would have known about these earlier. 🙂

Marnie G (Derrick Todd)
Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

This would be perfect for my nephew. He is 3 months old and everything goes right in his mouth.

Jo-Ann Brightman

I can see how useful this glove could be and am glad that someone invented this glove.

Christina Strapp

I have great things about these and think they are really neat. They didn’t have these or anything like it when my daughter was a baby.