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Chicco NaturalFit Bottle, the perfect bottles for your baby.


chicco_logoOne thing I can say when it comes to baby items, I’m very knowledgeable especially baby bottles. I can truly say Jada has tried a lot of bottles but none like the Chicco NaturalFit bottles.  So when I was given the opportunity to try their brand of bottles I was excited. I believe that it’s important that every parent figure out what is the best bottle for their little ones.

chiccobottlesThe Chicco NaturalFit bottles come in many stages from 0+ months to up to stage 3 which is 6+months and up. They’re the perfect bottle for babies who are breastfeed with the way they are designed, transitioning between breast and bottle should be easy. You see these bottles have a unique angled nipples which has been designed to be responsive to the changing feeding styles of babies. The bottles offer the most comfortable and natural way to feed your baby, besides the breast. This is because they mimic breastfeeding in form, feel and function.


The unique nipples will allow your child to latch on comfortably and get the proper flow of  formula or milk without choking. I personally feel the Chicco NaturalFit bottles will promote good health and optimal nutrition for baby.

I like how flexible and soft the nipples are on the Chicco NaturalFit bottles and when Jada tried out one of the bottles, the nipple fit comfortably right in her mouth. The bottles are real easy to hold even though they look a little bigger than some of the bottles we’ve used before. I really like the flexibility and the base material of the nipple, it provides such a soft feeling for her so she could latch easily.

Overall if someone were to ask me if I would recommended the Chicco NaturalFit bottles, I would say yes indeed. The unique design, soft nipple, flexibility and easy latching will have all moms sold on using Chicco NaturalFit bottles.

When my daughter has her children I’m going to definitely purchase her a few sets to use for her baby. As a new mom, she will need bottles that are easy to clean, quickly to assemble, and made to do the job in providing her baby with the comfort and nourishment she needs.

They will be great for her newborn plus she’ll also benefit from having two sizes on hand as her babies grows and let’s not forget about the secured plastic cover that comes with each bottle. So no matter what stage your baby maybe at Chicco NaturalFit bottles can assist your baby.

Chicco NaturalFit  want your little one to experience just how great these bottles are. They are offering a giveaway to one lucky mom or dad.

The NaturalFit Giveaway Package includes a: ($200+ value):

Enter to win it here and good luck.


Don’t forget to visit Chicco website to see the NaturalFit bottles and many other great baby products, plus you can keep up with them via Facebook | Twitter |


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Dotty J Boucher

I love these bottles , its about time that someone came out with bottle nipples like this, My daughter would love these.

Ashley Keinath

Love the mimic of breastfeeding of the nipple! Also easy to fill and clean love it

Renee Rousseau

I love the concept of mimicking the natural breast. Chicco Natural Fit Bottles would be perfect for supplemental feedings for breast fed babies.

Christina G.

I love the shape of these bottles. Thanks for sharing!


Wish they had these shapes when my youngest was born!

Dana Matthews

This is AWESOME! It amazes me how these products have changed and are changing over time!

Jeena Bittenbender

I really would love to #win this giveaway for my unborn grandson. He’s due May 4th. He’ll have a 12 month old brother who is still bottle fed. So it will be awesome…

Michelle Elizondo

I like ones that prevent too much air swallowed.

Jaylene Julius

I believe these will help my baby-to-be. My son was so colicky!!!


I like how they are designed to make an easy transition between breast and bottle!


The baby bottles are just the right size. Thank you for sharing.


First is to thank you for all this informative posts you give us for free; i bet all of us are happy.
Such a great idea of yours! You have been a big help for me. Thanks a lot. more post for interesting topic. Great!

gloria patterson

I like all the information on the nipple on the bottle. I stopped in Target one day and was totally shocked at how many types of bottles there are!

Lily Kwan

This baby bottle looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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