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Arpita Arya, is the Co-founder of She has been in the digital marketing industry for the past three years and contributed her expertise to various brands over the web. She has gained great experience and skill set in content marketing and improving the website's traffic through cross-promotion.

Simply put, Bianca Rose is a: Hope Hustler, Married Mommy, Food Fanatic, Blogging Baker, and Nature Nut

Shannan Powell is a mom of 3 boys, who has worked from home as a freelance writer and blogger since the birth of her middle son. Her spare time is spent volunteering with her son's swim team, reading, and binge watching random shows on Netflix.

Dr. Jennifer Winward is a renowned instructor at the University of California, San Diego, an 18-year veteran of high school tutoring, and the founder and lead instructor of Winward Academy, an award-winning education company. She earned her Ph.D. specializing in adolescent brain development and adolescent learning.