2018 Kids Holiday Gift Guide

Perfect gift to keep from freezing this coming Holiday Season - Beard Head®, the first ever bearded 
head-wear brand

This year take it over the top with Beard Head®. With nearly endless collections, it won't take long
 before finding the perfect gift this Holiday Season with Beard Head. Beard Head is the perfect
 accessory to keep you and your loved ones warm all Winter long.

"The Barbarian Collection has arrived! The mightiest of all the Beard Heads, the new Barbarian 
Collection sprouts epic manliness from a seemingly endless explosion of powerful hair bursting
 forth from your face! Introducing our "Stubble" Collection! Do you love our Beard Heads, but want 
something a little shorter? Our Stubble Collection is a perfect combination of rugged and sophisticated! 
Our timeless Classic Collection is the perfect way to keep your chin, cheeks, and upper lip toasty warm!
 With an impeccable mustache, burly beard, and a variety of colors and styles, you can't go wrong!"

Available at Beard Head

Get your children back outside this Holiday Season - Flybar Pogo Trick Board, Swurfer Kick, and Pogo 

Bring the outside back into your kids life this Holiday Season with Flybar! It's great interactive toys like 
this that interest me. A lot of kids are inside glued to the television. Flybar brings a modern touch to
 classic toys that never left. Kids can enjoy swinging from a tree branch with the Swurfer Kick. Which 
will have them surfing the air in no time. Maybe they want free roam with their new toy. The interactive 
iPogo Jr. would be the perfect gift to get them bouncing around. Looking for something that might help 
release some of that energy. Then the Pogo Trick Board is just perfect for them. Not only are all these
 toys fun to play with. Flybar is a great way to get the kids back outside burning off that energy, and 
building social skills. 

"Flybar has been around since 1918 and has since then been known as the Original Pogo Stick 
Company. We have been working tirelessly to bring you new and exciting products beyond just pogo 
sticks. To date, Flybar has since moved beyond just being the top pogo stick company, into an 
all-around sporting goods company. New research and development continues to bring you fun and
 exciting new products. Our team is continuing to grow and we can’t wait to show you where Flybar 
is going."

Flybar, Since 1918.

Available at Flybar

Encourage learning with your children this Holiday Season - Teach My: Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set

What better time to teaching your children about education than on the holidays. The Fish & Learn 
Yoga Mat Set is a 60+ piece sure to help you interact with your children. Helping educate your child
 with different shapes, colors, numbers, and even the alphabet. On top of all that, The Fish & Learn 
Yoga Mat Set help promote motor skills, problem solving, literacy, and many other social skills as well.
 It's never to late to start educating your children. So don't waste any time, get your Fish & Learn Yoga
 Mat Set today. To help educate and socialize your children now while they are young. The Fish & Learn
 Yoga Mat Set is a great way to get started with your children early. Helping to also promote quality 
social time with the family. 

The Teach My Yoga Mat Set – Fish & Learn is designed to encourage active learning. Research has 
shown that children who move while learning may absorb more. Plus, physical activity is important
 for a healthy mind and body.

"Your child can master the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors, while on the move! With a 
coordinated yoga mat, magnetic fishing rods, magnetic fish and inflatable dice, your child can have
 so much fun, they won’t even realize they are learning!"

Teach My: Fish & Learn Yoga Mat Set available at Amazon

The skateboard is back and it's better than ever! - RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

Move over hover boards! There's a new set of wheels in town! The RazorX Longboard electric 
skateboard takes a minimalistic bamboo design and combines it with cutting edge technology to 
createa fun mode of transportation for kids and adults alike.

The RazorX Longboard features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and wireless remote control.
The rear-wheel drive, maintenance-free motor can send you soaring at speeds up to 10 mph or for 
up to 40 minutes of continuous use. It turns with ease and can support weights up to 220lb!

No matter where you live, get outside this holiday season and take a ride in style with the RazorX
Longboard Electric Skateboard!

Available at Razor


The Stars at Your Fingertips - Tinker Crate Planetarium

Do your kids love learning new things? Do they love all things outer space? The Planetarium from 
Tinker Crate just may be the perfect gift for your little explorer. Utilizing essential STEM skills, the 
planetarium allows your child to build a model of the solar system and shows the how it changes 
throughout the year.

Your crate comes with an awesome project, blueprints, video tutorials and a specialized zine that 
helps your child explore astronomy, star navigation, and latitude and longitude. Build your 
planetarium then turn off the lights to explore the solar system. The sky is the limit!

Available at Tinker Crate


MAX - Build More

Do your kids love Legos? Do you hate the price of Legos? MAX blocks to the rescue! Max blocks look 
and play exactly like Legos but cost a fraction of the price. They're made from quality materials
so that they'll last and they're compatible with Legos and other building block brands. 
With base plates, mini figures and accessory packs, the only limit is your child's imagination!

Available at Walmart

Calico Critters Red Roof Country Home Gift Set

Welcome to the whimsical world of Calico Critters! Give your child a different kind of dollhouse with these adorable bunnies. The house is customizable to allow for a 2 or 3 story house. It’s also compatible with other Calico Critters play sets so that your child can add on and create their ultimate dream house! With working lights and over 50 pieces of furniture and accessories  it makes the perfect starter set to introduce your child to the wonder of Calico Critters. Maximize your child’s play time and Christmas with Calico Critters!

Available at Walmart