A Soft, Comfortable, Pajama Pant for Daddy for Valentine’s Day


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These comfie I’m the Daddy pajama pants by Daddy & Co (previously named Daddy Scrubs) are a fun and functional gift for dad (or dads-to-be). Their sweet sleep pants are available in three very different patterns (pictured below)– Word Search Daddy Pajama Pants, Red Hot Daddy Pajama Pants and Love Daddy Pajama Pants — so there’s a style that’ll be awesome for your dad. 

Just the facts about the I’m a Daddy Pajama Pants: 

  • 95% cotton
  • 5% spandex
  • drawstring
  • 3 pockets

They are a high quality and unique gift for your man for just $21.95. 

The sexy I’m the Daddy boxers in 3 styles:

These Pajama Pants Tickled the Daddy Here

We giggled a bit over the pants when they first arrived, because at first the womanly silhouettes looked like the risque ones we were used to … but they aren’t! In a move that endeared the company to me, and gave my hubby a grin, the womanly silhouette is actually a pregnant woman – the height of beauty according to this dad. 

When this daddy wore the pants he was thrilled by the three pockets, useful because he needs a pocket for his insulin pump and many pajama pants do not think about deeper pockets. He said they were soft and warm (a must for this cold-blooded man!). 

Sorry, girls, but he drew the line at modeling with pictures … my shy guy just turned red and said no way. I’m sure you can understand! 

Instead, you can see the pants we received here: 

The Redhot Daddy Pajamas from Daddy & Me, Daddy not included.

The Redhot Daddy Pajamas from Daddy & Me, Daddy not included.

You can order great gifts for your Daddy for Valentine’s Day (or just keep the site in mind for extra-special Daddy-related gifts for other special occasions!)

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Enter to win a pair of Daddy & Company Pajama Pants here {pattern of your choice}! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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sandra manning

This are really nice pjs- I need to get some for my man

vanessa gonzalez

Cool designs on the pjs

Jennifer T

They look nice and comfy! I like that they have pockets!