NanoBlocks & Mutant Pollutants Make Great Stocking Stuffers


In my home stocking stuffers are one of our holiday rituals. Every year on Christmas Eve we go stocking stuffer shopping. We seek out unique and fun gifts and stuff those stocking jammed pack with fun! And on Christmas morning we can’t wait to dig into those stockings.

This year, I found some stocking stuffers early! Niko loves to get cool toys in his stocking. This year I’ll be stuffing those stocking with amazing trinkets! NanoBlocks and Mutant Pollutants!


Scorchion-副本Mutant Pollutants “These crazy Pollutant’s toxic levels are off the charts and the toxins have scrambled their brains into psycho sludge! After crawling through the damp, eerie Sucker Factory sewers toxic slime, they radiate a poisonous glow-in-the-dark light!”

Mutant Pollutants is one of our top choice this year in our 2013 Holiday Stocking Guide!

Weather you’re looking for a green toy or just a fabulous stocking stuffers that’s load of fun Mutant Pollutants has something for everyone.

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NanoBlocks has some really cool building blocks this year that make excellent stocking stuffers. Hercules Beetle-“You won’t mind holding this bug in the palm of your hand”!

NanoBlocks makes perfect stocking stuffers for the little one in your life! NanoBlocks is one of our top choice this year in our 2013 Holiday Stocking Guide!

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