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iTikes I Learn…Piano

Today’s technology never ceases to amaze me. The advantages kids have today is endless. While some parents think video games are a waste of mind, I on the other had think they are very stimulating and that children learn more hand-eye coordination than they would if they were playing kickball. While physical activity is important, I strongly believe in exposing our children to the world of technology at as early an age as possible.

And apparently iTikes believes that as well. They’ve manufactured what I believe is one of the most exciting leaning devices in today’s market, iTikes I Learn…Piano.  The I Learn Piano actually teaches your child to play the piano, and in a fun way. So, while your child thinks they are playing, they are actually learning to read and play music.

While you can play the iTikes I Learn Piano by itself, you can also use it with your Apple device, including your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. You can adjust your pitch, tempo and volume. You can also record and play back your songs.

You can download the app which includes several songs such as,

“Ode To Joy”

“London Bridge”

“Itsy Bitsy Spider”

“Old McDonald”

And more…

In addition to learning to play the music on the piano, there are pitch training exercises, musical note names, sound lessons and site-reading music games. Without using and Apple device you can simple select the song selector and pick from one of the four built in preschool songs, like

“Polly Wally Doodle or Yankee Doodle”. Isa has been playing with this since it arrived. The thing is, she’s actually learning how to read and play music while have fun at the same time. I love these fabulous educational toys that she uses and learns from.

iTikes makes some pretty amazing “educational yet FUN” toys for today kiddos.

  • iTikes Microscope: “iTikes Microscope allows your child to discover the microscopic world around them like no other Microscope can.”
  • iTikes Canvas: “Young artists will love expressing their creativity on the iTikes Canvas”
  • iTikes Map: “inspires passion for learning with real-world subjects and kid-friendly App content. With or without a device, kids can learn about dinosaurs, animals, the Solar System and more.”

BUY IT: Stimulate your child’s musical imagination with the world of iTikes I Learn Piano.


Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.





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