Dead Island GOTY Xbox



This game is a little graphic, so perhaps it isn’t suitable for children, but since it’s just a game, grown-ups And young adults can certainly enjoy this game. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Dead Island, GOTY, then here is your opportunity:

The game can be played from different perspectives depending on which character you choose to play. One character is played solo only, but the other four characters can play on-line with friends or actually anyone that is doing the same mission as you are. These missions can be accepted or refused, it’s your choice; that’s a nice thing about this game.
As you play the game, you gain experience points and levels that aid you in battle. You become stronger and gain weapons to fight endless waves of the undead on the island.
There are a lot of different weapons from boards and pipes to swords and guns. You can also fight with your fists, brass knuckles, and by kicking them.
As you play you will develop your character and learn new tricks like jumping on things or climbing up ladders to get away from the hordes that are too powerful for you to take on by yourself.
Here is another clip for you to watch:

This game has relics, weapons, cash, and all sorts of items that you can pick up and use or sell. You can upgrade your weapons as well as modify them. I like that.
I have played this game for several hours and completed the main storyline. I really enjoyed playing it, but now I am wondering what all I missed and I also enjoyed playing with others on-line. So, as you might imagine, I have to return to “Dead Island”! It’s a nasty job, but somebody has to do it. How else are we going to control the horrifying Zombies!?!

This game won Game of the Year and with good reason, it is a really good game. I hope you enjoy it as well.


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sasha steadman

sounds like an interesting game

Nicole Becker

Sounds like my kind of game!!! Love the fighting games!!

Lucy Nguyen

It would be a great game for my brother


My husband might like this

Karen Smith

sounds like an interesting game

Eva Biggs

my hubby would probably be interested in playing.

Rachel Wright

I think my sister would love this game. I would get too irritated. Ha!

Susan Harp

This game sounds awesome and my kids (all over 18 years of age) would absolutely love it!!! I, myself, am usually not quick enough for these games. It must be my old age creeping up on me, haha!


I’m sure it’s a great game for those that like those type games. I don’t have an X box and I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. Good Luck with your adventure.

Bree Tinch

My husband would like too graphic for the kids.

Ingermaria Berryman

Wow, sounds fun.

lori Simas

Not for me, but I bet my boys (adult), would enjoy it.

Kim Scott Barton

not my thing however I know both y sons would love this

Leigh Runkle

I like the game, but not for little kids, much more suited for adults, defenitely!

Kim riddle

I have looked at this game a few times but didn’t buy it. gonna break down and give it a try


Sounds like a fun game

Penny A

Not sure I would like the character battle thing.


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