Comfort after breast surgery


 We’re friends who found one another through our shared journey of having double mastectomies. Sleep is such an important part of recovery and was something we both struggled with after our surgeries. We found it difficult to sleep on our sides and stomachs. At that point we asked ourselves: How can we fix this and make sleep better for millions of women? And with that, our TaTaTopper was created. We sleep on it every night. We take it to get a massage. It has become a necessity in our lives. The TaTaTopper works, we know, we use it and we feel compelled to share it with you.


The TaTaTopper is a 4-inch foam mattress topper, designed for women who are recovering from breast related surgeries: reductions, augmentations or mastectomies and it is also great for breastfeeding moms.  Unlike body pillows and wedges, this one-of-a-kind, patent-pending product can be customized to fit your size and shape, allowing women to sleep comfortably on their side or stomach.  In addition to your bed the TaTaTopper can also be used to take to a massage.  It makes a great gift for a friend, sister, mom, grandmother or co-worker.

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