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Back To School Giveaway!


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Aug 1st-Aug 14th.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

101 Responses to Back To School Giveaway!

  1. Thank You for this awesome giveaway. I would love to win Sleep Innovations to get a pillow since I am looking for a good one as I sleep on my stomach.

  2. I want to win all of these. They are great prizes. I would like the soda stream and the bean bag chair for my daughter.

  3. I would like to win the Epson because my printer went out but I love all the prizes and would be happy winning any of them!

  4. I’d like to win just about any of these great prizes. Just spent all my money on Back to School clothes and now this mommy is broke!!

  5. I would love to win the Kalorik…. I need very badly a new toaster. I own the worst toaster in the world. The heat elements are at half strength. It takes twice as long to make a piece of toast. I’m telling you it’s absolutely impossible to burn toast in my toaster, it’s really that bad, lol.

  6. I would love to have the Kalorik toaster. This will let me easily cook toast, pop tarts, or other toaster pastries without putting them in the oven. I will be a big help to me and my family. I can then get them off to school much faster with a quick breakfast.

  7. My boyfriend and I are start college in just 26 days and we’re on our own 1,600 miles from our parents paying for everything.
    So anything that would bring us happiness or less stress would be grand!

  8. I want to win because they are all awesome prizes and I am really liking the soda stream because we drink so much soda here

  9. i would be grateful for any prize. in school on a budget with outrageous rent. small things help.

  10. id love to win anything! after loosing everything and moving last yr it would help alot to make my kids more comfortable at school thank you for the chance

  11. I would love to win the LUGZ, beanbag chair, or makeup!
    I need some new shoes, and the brown ones are adorable!
    The bean bag chair for studying, or the makeup because I’m out!
    For RC3

  12. I’d love to win simply because I could really use some of the items that are being given away. :-)

  13. I would love to win anything because it is always fun, but especially the Soda Stream since it seems like such a neat idea!

  14. If we won any of these prizes, it would be a total blessing for my family and I. We could use a little perk-up!

  15. I would like the printer, toaster or bean bag chair. All the prizes are nice so I would just be happy if I won.

  16. I have 4 children and 22 nieces and nephews- one of them will love to have any of these prizes!

  17. Maggie Bags for myself as I really want one and Simply Snacks for my boys who always need to have healthy snacks around

  18. I would love to win the life without plastic set because am trying to be more eco friendly and use less plastic

  19. I so could use this i wasn’t able to get my kids much for school this year thanks!!

  20. On Rafflecopter 3 there’s no place to leave a comment as the second entry requires. I emailed her but I can’t complete the Rafflecopter.

  21. I would love to win the Epson printer because my son and I both have to print out our notes for our classes.

  22. A couple of the blogs didn’t have a comment form, but I left comments where I could! I would love the SodaStream because I have always wanted one! I think it would save us a lot of money since we buy so much soda.

  23. There are so many nice prizes but I think I like the soda stream best,no more flat cola!

  24. i think the croc boots fo rmy son he loves those typeof boots to be able to go through anything!

  25. There seems to be a problem with the link to in Enter RC 9. According to a google search, they deleted this blog, so does it have another name and website address?

  26. Thanks for giveaway offer. I would like to win here Maggie bags, whitening lightening kit and many more because I need them. Actually I am new in the city and I have to manage my commodities as soon as possible by the next month……