YummySnack Bars perfect for back-to-school lunch boxes!


Now that back-to-school shopping for books, bags and supplies is just about wrapped up – it’s time to start filling the kids’ lunch boxes!   And this one requires some thought all year long.  You want to send a balanced lunch, but the kids want something that tastes great. 

I’ve found a great option that takes the worry out of both!   YummySnack Bars are better-for-you alternatives to traditional “junk food” snacks, made with wholesome real-food ingredients like flax seed, almond butter, coconut, natural peanut butter and cocoa, and absolutely nothing artificial. 


And – I love the story behind the creation of these great bars!  YummyHealth® is a company founded by a Mom searching for better food options for her children. Like most of us, she was fed up with her children gaining weight from junk foods. After failing in her quest to find healthier food alternatives, she created YummySnack Bars that are both nutritious and delicious. Today, the YummyHealth Mission is to help families “take the fight out of food” by providing snack alternatives that taste like their favorite junk foods but are lower in sugar and processed starches.

YummySnack Bars make it easier to eat yummy and better-for-you snacks – and that makes my job of filling lunch boxes easier! My kids love them because they taste great and I love that they are not only made of wholesome ingredients but also have less sugar (each bar has 8 grams or less, that can be a quarter of what is found in a traditional candy bar!) and processed starch – ingredients we that we know can trigger cravings and mood swings.  The bars are also gluten-free, which is great for kids (and adults) who need that option but still want something that tastes like a candy bar!  They contain fiber, protein and Omega 3s but don’t have any trans-fat, hydrogenated oil, corn syrup or artificial colors and flavors. 


YummySnack Bars come in six great flavors of “better than” candy bars – our favorites are the peanut butter, coconut, peppermint and brownie blast.  But try them all – whether your family usually loves peanut butter cups, chocolate bars, brownies or peppermint patties, with YummySnack Bars nobody in your house will be missing the extra starch and sugar!

So for back-to-school season and the whole year through, forget about other snack options and stock up on YummySnack Bars for lunch boxes, snacks, sports activities, birthday parties and playdates!  I will be – because I finally found something my kids think is a treat that I feel great about giving them!

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coolsculpting toronto
6 years ago

This is really a pretty good product, as children never eat their lunch completely so, it is better if we provide some extra which they can’t say no and it will be good for them, now I will start giving them this yummysnackbar too.