Women and emotional wellbeing during COVID-19 – Insightful thoughts by Ram Duriseti


Mental and emotional wellbeing during COVID-19 is challenging for everyone. It is difficult to keep calm and stay relaxed when you hear about the rising levels of virus contamination every day. It’s natural to feel stressed, anxious, or uncertain about life. Everyone needs to manage their stress and anxiety better as it tends to affect our health. Women may face chronic aches or hormonal imbalances with acute stress. Hormonal imbalances can also lead to emotional turbulence that may interfere with work or daily life. Women need to implement steps to guide them back to psychological wellbeing.

Easy steps for women’s emotional wellness by Ram Duriseti

Prolonged stress and emotional instability can be confusing. Women may find it hard to make decisions or carry palpable energy throughout the day. They may find it difficult to enjoy fine moments in their life thanks to the prevalent fear from the pandemic. Do you resonate with any of the previous statements? If so, you can refer to easy guidelines by Ram Duriseti to resume your emotional peace and wellbeing.

  • Exercise can improve your overall situation

Women who started exercising to feel better now swear by it! They confessed that daily exercise for 30 to 45 minutes helped them feel more energized and focused. Exercise also helps to release toxins from the body and gradually eliminates fear-based thinking. Exercise can help keep your drive and provides a routine plan to get up every day and work out. This one small change brings a massive and positive shift to your lifestyle. From mini-squats to jumping jacks, women can try out many different exercises while at home. This also cuts the stay-at-home monotony and helps reduce emotional imbalances.

  • Smoothies

Eating healthy is crucial. It’s a smart choice to count on fruit, vegetable, and cereal smoothies. Smoothies can help women consume fibers and other required nutrients. Adding nuts and seeds to smoothies can level up the nutrient content. This can boost liver health and skin texture as well. 

  • The bigger picture

The pandemic phase we’re stuck in is not permanent. Therefore, it’s not an intelligent move to succumb to the current passivity. The medical fraternity is scrambling to find a definite cure as fast as they can. It’s vital for women, as well as everyone else, to keep the bigger picture in mind and plan their lives accordingly. Most clinical psychologists suggest for women to use this time to take better care of their health and to plan for their future in terms of career and personal life. This will help cut the apprehension that results from nerve-racking news updates.

  • Multi-tasking

Currently, most women have to surrender their social lives because of social distancing rules. This may make one unmindful and forgetful. To avert this, women should multi-task at home and stay active. This can keep them sharp, focused, and remove the boredom that sets in from time to time.

According to The Manchester Institute of Health & Performance, chronic fatigue, reduced focus, and poor digestion are all after-effects of emotional turbulence because of COVID-19 stress. It’s highly advised that women follow the steps mentioned above during this pandemic phase to ensure complete wellbeing.

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6 months ago

Hi, Now I live in jumpers and jeans, which feels so alien. It’s like I just cant be bothered with dresses right now, and so little of my vintage repro wardrobe is breastfeeding friendly. Your post has made me feel a little less lazy and a little less alone.

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