Why Do Schools Have Playground Equipment For Students?


Schools, whether a pre-school and nursery establishment or a junior and senior school setting, are all a learning environment. While many associate learning with classrooms, playgrounds can actually provide a whole host of benefits for schools, including an extension of those learning environments. Children all the way from reception through to school leavers need a place to play, exercise and let off steam and playground equipment plays a huge role within this need.

The benefits of playground equipment aren’t just for students either. Playground equipment offers a multitude of benefits for teachers too. To give you a better idea, here’s a breakdown of just how both students and even teachers benefit from playground equipment in schools.

Benefits Of Playground Equipment For Students

High quality playground equipment offers a multitude of developmental benefits for children, from enhancing their social and interaction skills to their physical development too. From their motor skills to their balance and coordination, playground markings and equipment provide incredible benefits in more ways than we realize.

From building self-confidence to providing a comfortable play environment that actually encourages more interaction and role play activities; well built and designed playground equipment is quite simply irreplaceable for its benefits.

Regardless of your setting, playground equipment can be tailored to particular age groups and even the shape and size of your playground to ensure the students it’s intended for, make the most out of the space.

Benefits Of Playground Equipment For Teachers

Quality playground equipment isn’t just of benefit to students however, it can also be of great benefit to teachers and the school setting itself. Well built and safe playground equipment can instantly transform an otherwise empty and boring playground space. Not only will this encourage young ones to get outside more, but will also allow them to burn off excess energy. How does this benefit teachers? By providing them with more focused students in class. 

Playground equipment such as this also provides an excellent environment for outdoor lessons, allowing children to move outside of the classroom to experience learning through active play. Not only does this give children and teachers the opportunity to enjoy fresh air during lessons, but it also allows both teachers and pupils to enjoy learning outside of the four walls they usually spend most of their time in.

Contact The Experts Today

If you’d like more information on playground equipment for your school setting, we recommend calling one of the UK’s leading playground equipment suppliers, Sovereign Play. Sovereign Play manufactures solid timber playground structures, made to meet the highest safety standards possible, built to weather all elements and provide a safe and fun experience for all children. For more information, call today on 01702 804200.

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