Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat?


Yoga is a millenary discipline with deep roots. It has an outstanding track record for helping practitioners reach supple, flexible bodies, calmer minds, and a heightened state of spiritual awareness. And so, millions of people do yoga with the belief that it will lead to a more balanced, conscious life. 

For many, sustainability is a big part of making better choices. Taking care of Earth and the environment is a natural extension of the outpouring of love that a good yoga practice facilitates. Yogis naturally gravitate to healthier, eco-friendly lifestyles that strive to create better conditions for all.

After all, as above, so below; as within, so without. There can be no inner balance if our actions also lead to more suffering and pain in the world. 

And we also know that choosing the right mat is no longer just about whether it’s anti-slip or has good cushioning. After all, any piece of rubber or latex can be a wonderful place to lie down in savasana after a grueling session. But not every old mat will help you be in alignment with your core values. 

So, here are some reasons why you should choose an eco-friendly yoga mat!

It’s Time to Do Our Part for Sustainability  

Yes, it’s true. The oceans are full of plastic, global warming is an encroaching reality, and we continue pumping toxic fumes into the air. While the organic food revolution is underway, and many are now turning to vegetarianism and veganism, the meat industry continues plowing ahead with incalculable damage to the ecosystem. 

And right now, everybody should pitch in and do their best to stop or contain the damage. Choosing sustainable materials in our everyday purchases goes a long way into creating a positive effect. When it comes to industries, we vote with our wallets. By promoting brands and small startups that propose sustainable, eco-friendly solutions to everyday problems, we effectively materialize our beliefs by giving them our energy and support. 

Conversely, if we continue to blindly go with those corporations that are polluting the environment or carelessly locking us into a cycle of consumption, we continue ignoring some of the key issues of our time. If yoga is helping us bring our awareness into the now, then we should wake up to the reality that doing our part, however small, creates a positive feedback loop for others. 

As we know, asanas are but one part of the eight-limbed path of yogic practice. Breathing, and living a life in accordance with spiritual principles are also integral. That’s why helping be a part of the change that we want to see in the world, even when it comes to choosing our clothes, cars, or yoga accessories can help more than we know.

It Helps Companies That Are Doing the Right Thing

Expanding on the previous point, we want to mention that right not it’s very important to back sustainable, responsible efforts. After all, making yoga mats is its own science right now; we can debate endlessly about the right thickness, cushioning, and comfort levels a manufacturer should strive for (and we’ll probably find a different answer for every yogi out there). 

But are we missing the forest for the trees? In our life of creature comforts and easy answers, it’s important to consider the consequences of our actions. And, let’s be honest, we’re already supporting plenty of big corporations that do not have the Earth’s — or people’s — best interests at heart. 

And that’s why we should value those mom-and-pop grassroots efforts to make things better. It’s not easy competing against giants, and it’s even less easy to do it by making products that lead to responsible, sustainable consumer habits. It practically goes against the grain of everything we’re told to buy, 24/7. 

So, it’s a big move to help those companies that are putting their money where their mouth is. As it turns out, we’re doing a good thing if so do we!

And what’s the best part out of doing the right thing? That we don’t even have to settle for second-best! 

There Are Great Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats Out There 

That’s right. It’s not about settling between a clear conscience or a great yoga mat. Choosing an eco-friendly solution is not about saying “All right, I guess I’ll have to let go of some comfort during my class if I’m going to help out.” Not at all! It’s not like you have to be one of those stoic yogis from India who practice, stern-faced, on rocky floors! 

Great yoga mats have a good grip, absorb sweat, and ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything but breathing, stretching, and being in the moment. And the good thing ist that you’re going to be spoiled for choice, because there are already great sustainable choices out there! 

Do you need a little nudging in the right direction? Here’s the best eco-friendly yoga mat we’ve found so far. Check it out, and we hope that you continue living a healthy life in full alignment with your highest principles!

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