Why Cats Make Great First Pets


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Cats are wonderful loving and loyal animals. They make great first pets for both children and adults, quickly becoming members of the family. Their intelligence and unique personalities are both endearing and entertaining. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, the following guide will outline the benefits of cat ownership and how to provide basic care. 

Cats are Low Maintenance 
The major factor that sets cats apart from dogs is maintenance. Dogs require almost constant attention from their human caretakers. They must be walked several times daily and cannot toilet in the house. They also become bored easily, leading to undesirable behaviors like digging or destroying furniture. A cat is perfectly happy to be on its own while you are working or out of the house with the family. It will sleep and play by itself or with another cat until you return, then it will be ready to receive love and attention. 

Cats Can Use a Litterbox 
A dog must be let outside several times daily to toilet. This is time-consuming and inconvenient when the weather is bad. It also adds to household chore time because the yard must be cleaned up. If you live in a city and do not have a yard, you will have to pick up your dog’s waste to avoid being cited. Cats can be trained to use a litterbox. These boxes are made out of plastic and filled with clay or clumping litter. While they require daily scooping and weekly cleaning, they are much easier to cope with than going out in the rain and picking up waste. Some models even self clean, meaning you will rarely have to deal with the box at all. You also do not have to worry about the cat’s toilet needs when you are stuck in a late meeting at work. 

Cats are Affectionate and Cuddly 
Cats have a reputation for being aloof and not wanting to be around humans, but this is not true. A cat enjoys being talked to, petted, cuddled and played with just as much as a dog. The animal will sit in your lap and purr while you work on the computer or watch television. Cats are also excellent companions for children and can be used to teach responsibility and respect. When you go to sleep at night, a cat will love to share the bed with you, waking you up in the morning with purrs and snuggles. 

Cats are Agile 
One delightful aspect of owning cats is their agility. They are very flexible and can leap to great heights. This makes for excellent entertainment during playtime. You should also realize that cats can jump on you and hide in out of the way places. Ensure that your home is ready for a curious and agile cat before adopting one. 

The following points will help you to take care of your cats: 

Buy the Right Food 
Like their human caretakers, cats require superior nutrition for health, energy and long lives. Recent research has indicated that cats do well on a grain-free diet with no additives or artificial ingredients. While your neighborhood pet store likely has a large array of quality cat foods, checking with a vet will help you to make the right selection for the specific needs of your cats. 

Get a Comfortable Bed 
While most cats do enjoy cuddling, some do not and prefer to sleep in their own beds. A good cat bed is small enough to make the animal feel safe while allowing room for growing and stretching. Place it in a quiet corner or somewhere up high where your cat is more likely to use it. 

Get a Scratching Post 
Cats love to scratch because it is a natural instinct for them. A scratching post or climbing tree will provide an area where a cat can scratch as much as it wants while preserving your carpets and furniture. It is an excellent training tool and will also give your cats a place to perch, play and sleep. 

Use a Crate 
When transporting a cat, the safest option is use a crate. This protects both you and the animal, especially in the car when you are driving. The crate should be large enough for the cat to stand up, turn around and stretch out in. A crate is also excellent for acclimating a new cat to your home and training it to use a litterbox. 

If you are looking for a first pet, you cannot go wrong with a cat.

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