Which Bingo Brands are Safe to Play on?


The gambling industry has enjoyed a massive surge in popularity in the past few years as technology advanced, and personal computer, mobile phones, and tablets became affordable and accessible in the high-street.

One of the most popular games you can play is online roulette, and this might surprise some people. Not only is roulette one of the most played online gambling games it is played by a much younger age group instead of the perceived older age group that many associates with. Remember you can play online roulette without depositing a penny! You can use the free play feature so it stays fun.

In fact, bingo appeals to many women in the twenty-five to thirty years age group, and this could be for a few reasons with one being the very social feel to bingo games. Traditionally bingo has always been a social game, somewhere for friends and family to meet and enjoy themselves in an environment where there is always a chance of a win, and this social feel applies to online bingo too.

On any online site keeping players, personal information safe and secure is paramount especially when you look at the recent cyber attacks that hit and brought to a halt the NHS in the UK. This type of attack proves how important cybersecurity is and how much we can be at risk if we are not careful.

There are a few tips that anyone can adopt when playing a game like online bingo which is simple to implement and will go a long way in making sure your details are always kept confidential.

  • Always make sure you have an up-to-date firewall and malware/spyware, and if you choose to play by your mobile phone or tablet make sure you use a secure connection (https) when using public wi-fi
  • Make sure the site (in this case the bingo site) has a valid license which is awarded by the UK Gambling Commission. If the site you are interested in is fully licensed it will have a clickable link to their license details on the UK Gambling Commission site.
  • Do NOT trust any bingo site that does not hold a valid license and where information is hard to source. Any quality bingo site will be transparent and have all of its rules and regulations easily accessible.
  • Like any other site that involves your money having a password that is not so easy to guess is a wise idea. Try not to use address, birthdays or pet names. Remember too not to use the same password for everything.
  • Bingo sites are very social places to visit but try not to use your real name as a username and remember not to give your real name out easily especially in the chat feature. This applies to your date of birth or other personal details.

Good quality sites use 128bit encryption codes for their customers so that banking methods are kept safe and secure, and now you can even pay via your monthly phone bill or pay as you go account which totally leaves your bank out of the process.

Playing online bingo should not be a worrying time, rather it should be one where you can forget the rush of today’s busy life and take a few minutes out to catch up with friends whilst having a fun time, and if you put these few tips into place that is exactly what it will be!

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