When It Comes to Improving Your Sleep, Don’t Sleep on It!


Did you know, over half of Australian adults (51%) have been kept awake at night in the last three months due to worrying and stress?  This is closely followed by illness and physical discomfort (27%) and not surprisingly – technology distractions (21%).

These are the latest findings in a recent online study, The Philips Annual Sleep Survey, conducted in February by Harris Poll on behalf of Philips.

This survey compares the sleep habits of over 15,000 adults across 13 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Poland, the UK, and the United States) and assesses how sleep is prioritised, addressed and perceived by populations around the globe.

The findings also showcased more than half (63%) of Australian adults have actively taken steps to improve their sleep quality, proving that when it comes to sleep, Australians aren’t sleeping on it any longer.  

Here are some handy suggestions to help you take back control of your sleep quality so hopefully, you can make like Sleeping Beauty too.  

Choose sleeping aids sensibly, ensuring you research them!

Seek a mattress that supports your body. However, also one that isn’t going to make you hot to the point of sleeplessness. Additionally, look for one that’s breathable, so you don’t wake up all “sweaty betty”. It’s really important that all of your sleeping aids follow this mantra.

Irrespective of you probably yawning right now, take the time to research quality sleep tools on the market. That way, you can find a complete range of bedding that’s the right fit for you, is the right fit for the current season and climate, and of course, fits your needs and budget.

Researching quality suppliers is as simple as searching for bedding online. In fact, we’ve already done the research for you, so seriously, check out that link and see for yourself how you can improve the quality of your sleeping aids with a click of a button.

Needing a 3pm hit?

Instead of seeking another coffee or sugar-filled snack, is there a way in which you can fit in a fifteen-minute power nap? Napping is proven to increase productivity and alertness, reduce stress, decrease the risk of heart disease, and reduce the number of accidents at work and on the road. A quick power nap at work is often all it takes to feel more refreshed; ensuring a more productive afternoon.

Even if you need to go to your car and have a kip at lunch or during afternoon tea, do it! Give it a go in the passenger seat (more room and safer) or backseat. It actually really works. I used to feel a little guilty at first when ducking off to try and count sheep, but don’t! You can do whatever you want or need to in your break. It’s YOUR break after all. What’s important from taking a break is that you feel better for it afterwards.

Reduce pain and increase your bodies healing response.

As recent stats show, 27% of Australian adults suffer from a lack of quality sleep due to illness and physical discomfort. Sleep disruptions or sleep deprivation has a major impact on pain as well as healing. Therefore, it’s vital to get enough zzz’s so you can get back to good health.

After a rough night’s sleep, Australian adults reported they aren’t as motivated either (52%), appear tired (49%), are moody/irritable (46%), or they can’t concentrate (42%). Does this sound like you?

Like it or not, quality sleep is nature’s own medicine and remedy to overall improved wellness. As you know now, more and more Australians are waking up to the benefits of quality sleep. Don’t sleep on improving your night’s sleep, any longer.

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5 years ago

You describe this very well. I would not do it myself.

Umer Idrisi
5 years ago

Ha, The title is enough for me to get motivated and not sleep until my work is done. Thanks for this 🙂