What To Pack On Baby’s First Day Out


Generally, there are no set rules for when is the best time to bring your newborn baby outside. However, many doctors recommend parents wait until their infants are a few months old. If this applies to you and you’re now ready to go out with your baby in tow, it’s best to be prepared for this amazing and fresh experience. After all, there are many things that your little one will need, so it’s imperative to organize all their supplies before leaving the confines of your home.

Whether it’s just a day trip to the park, a short walk, or a family picnic, your baby will require a change of diapers, some baby meals, and all the other baby essentials. While these things benefit your baby most, as a parent, you can rest easier and feel more secure when you have everything your baby needs while basking out in the sun. Feel more confident when you’ve packed efficiently for your baby’s first day out.

You and your baby can have a blast on their first day out when you have every baby essential ready, like the following items:

  • Diaper Bag 

Your baby needs all the essentials, and one of the most important things is a fresh set of diapers. As a parent, you need to be as ready as ever in case some situations go out of your control. For instance, even when your baby has already pooped and peed at home, there are probabilities that they’ll do it yet again when you’re out and about. If you’re prepared, you’ll be able to handle anything, no matter how unexpected it can be.

Hence, the first thing you need to secure is a diaper bag. Fortunately, many nappy bags are available in the market that looks fashionable and discreet. Some come with stylish designs meant for parents to keep their fashionable edge even while busy caring for their newborn baby. Choose the best nappy bag that offers many compartments for diapers, milk bottles, and other necessary baby accessories. 

  • Baby Wipes 

Since you’ve taken care of the diapers and the bag they need, it makes sense to bring baby wipes for obvious reasons. The longer you plan on spending outdoors, the more wipes you should consider bringing. Aside from using these wipes to clean your baby’s mess or poop, they can be used for many other purposes. 

If you’re using a daily baby bag, you must check all your necessary stocks earlier so you can replenish them early on. Your baby wipes are a must-have so ensure that you’ve packed them well inside the bag. If you’re the forgetful type, it’s best to purchase a large container of wipes to last you more than a few days. 

  • Stroller 

Your new bundle of joy needs to feel the cool air and the warm sun. Hence, when it’s the perfect time and weather, you’d want to stroll around your neighborhood or the nearby park. In doing so, you need to have the sturdiest and high-quality baby stroller you can find. Depending on how often you’ll need to use them, it’s best to invest in something worth their value and quality. Research well and talk to other parents so you can get recommendations on which stroller is the best. Finally, choose a stroller that’s right for you. 

Read and watch resources on how to operate or use baby strollers. This allows you to adjust everything easier and keep your baby in a comfortable position while strolling together. Consider the material of the stroller and ensure that it’s comfortable for you to use around, as well as it is for your baby to lay down into. You will have an easier time walking with your stroller if comfortable with it. 

  • Extra Clothes And Baby Accessories 

When spending time outside, your baby might need to change into fresh clothes. Therefore, it’s practical to bring a few extra outfits. Don’t forget to bring socks, hats, and bibs too. Bring some baby toys, a pacifier, and their favorite baby accessories. When preparing your baby bag, check these essentials and ensure to have them because you never know when accidents will happen.

Either your baby spilled some milk, peed, or pooped; they’ll need to be changed right away to feel fresh and happy again. Also, while you’re at it, pack up some plastic bags to store the dirty baby clothes. This allows you to separate them from all the other clean baby stuff.


Finally, getting your newborn out and about is an exhilarating experience for you as a parent and your child. However, it’s crucial to inspect all the baby essentials you need before you leave the door. Your life will be easier if you keep your baby supplies organized. Ensuring that your infant is in their happy state also means you’re so glad and feeling de-stressed. Therefore, take note of the list above and prepare them early.

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