What to know about Charleston?


Charleston is one of the earliest established cities of South Carolina. It was the most opulent city until the city suffered grave economic losses and infrastructure dismantling due to the Civil War. There are splendid architectural specimens, museums, and art galleries that have preserved the city’s historical magnificence for years. The Holy City is often knocked by a chain of travellers, due to its diverse and enjoyable activities and attractions.

Some fun facts about this city that you should know:

  1. The people of Charleston are very cordial

To get the genuine warm vibes from Charleston’s folks, you need to visit the city at least once. The driving force for this warm vibe of Charleston is Southern hospitality. Don’t get amazed if any stranger voluntarily helps you or initiates a friendly conversation with you; it is the usual way of living here.

  1. Mesmerizing weather

Boardwalk in Charleston SC is widespread because of its “perfect” weather. Though sometimes the winter can get a little chilly compared to usual standards, the temperature never goes under fifty, except in the event of a snowstorm. Due to the numerous pools and beaches, the mid-summer is also pretty cool. You can enjoy outdoor activities and gatherings throughout the year. As the city is located on the coast of the Atlantic, it offers numerous seaside activities like boating, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, or just taking a sunbath on the beach.

  1. Charleston’s historical assets

Being approximately 350 years old, and the Capital of South Carolina, Charleston has some of the deep-rooted magnificent historical assets dated even before the Civil War broke out. Due to numerous church steeples that shine like glitters worldwide, it is widely known as “The Holy City. “The city even has legalities that none of the buildings can surpass the tallest church steeples’ height. These are not just monuments, there are numerous stories related to these historical assets, that creates a bond between you and the city.No matter for how many years you have lived here, there will always we something new to discover—from the endless tales of the Civil War to the endless historical follies.

  1. Numerous Job Opportunities

Charleston has numerous educational institutions that offer very quality education and overall development of the pupil. The cities country school is the second-largest school system in entire South Carolina. The land even owns the most prestigious military colleges in the nation-The Citadel. Apart from this, Charleston’s economy is swiftly developing, with a remarkable number of ports. The city has got the fourth-largest port in the entire United States. Medicine and military are also promising industries of the city; they have been a boon for many job seekers. The city’s economy is very inviting for Technical start-ups that provide living to a bunch of millennial.

  1. Numerous Outdoor Activities

Charleston has abundant water parks, beaches, picnic spots, so there are plenty of water activities and sports that we enjoy over the weekend and vacations. There are many game zones for playing golf and basketball that have affordable deals for the family. Apart from the sports-activities, Charleston has a very rich Ecstasy; there are sea-view restaurants across the beaches.

Although the city is a dream for many and the best South Carolina city, it is still highly prone to floods. As it is a peninsula, it is highly influenced by tides and local flooding incidents also. You must always stay alert, flood insurance, and the contact details of a water damage company can help you face any unforeseen situation efficiently.  The service of water damage Charleston is very prompt; they have a lighting speed for carrying out restoration and repair.

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Charleston is such a beautiful city and this city is also on my priority list to visit for my travel Vlog. traveling is my passion I want to visit all the beautiful places in the world. So thanks to write this blog for us.

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