What to Do When You Hurt Your Back: 9 Must-Know Tips


Did you know that back pain accounts for 264 million missed workdays every year? That’s two work days for every full-time worker in the US.

Back pain and continuous problems can cause us a lot of distress as well as impacting us mentally and financially.

It’s fair to say that the majority of people will experience some sort of back pain in their lifetime.

In this article, we’re going to share with you what to do when you hurt your back.

There can be a lot of false information out there, so we hope this will be of great value to you. Feel free to share this information with friends and family, so you can be safer, together.

Read on for more information.

1. Get Checked Out By a Doctor The Same Day

The majority of back pain is normally caused by nothing serious and it should go away over time.

However, it’s really important for you to be checked over by a professional to be safe.

If you have injured yourself at work, talk to your employer about leaving to see a doctor asap. They should be understanding and in fact, encourage you to go.

Try to avoid any heavy lifting and strenuous activity and see if somebody can drive you to your doctors appointment or the ER.

2. Apply Ice to The Injured Area

Your doctor should advise on treatments you can apply yourself in order to help heal your back, but this is worth remembering should they fail to mention it.

Apply ice treatment to your back as soon as you can.

Ice treatment has many benefits including helping to reduce swelling and inflammation.

If you have ice at home, then great. If not, use something very cold such as a pack of frozen peas and wrap them in a dishcloth.

Only apply the ice for 15-20 minutes maximum. Any longer and you can cause further problems including frostbite. Make sure to let the area warm-up for around an hour before repeating it.

After 72 hours, alternate between ice and heat treatments.

Heat treatments are things such as heat pads, heat lotions, and hot water bottles. Please note, that the appliance should be warm rather than hot.

3. Start Walking

It can be a common misconception that you need to solely rest after hurting your back.

Unless specifically told this by your doctor, you should aim to keep active with an easy exercise.

Walking is a fantastic treatment as it is non-strenuous and you can do it pretty much anywhere.

It may hurt at first, but the pain should start to ease eventually.

4. Try Yoga

There’s evidence to suggest that yoga can be very beneficial in helping with back pain

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on slow movements to help with strength, flexibility, and breathing.

Yoga can really help to strengthen weak core muscles, which can be a factor in back pain. Yoga is also great for relieving stress which can also contribute to back problems.

All you need for yoga is a small space and yoga mat or soft carpet. Many health clubs will have yoga classes advertised or you could look on Youtube for free videos to follow along with.

5. Aquatic Exercise

Exercising in water is a fantastic treatment for all sorts of injuries, including back pain.

Being in the water is very soft on the joints and provides minimal resistance which minimizes further injury.

It’s great for loosening your muscles and can be very therapeutic. Aqua classes are great to participate in, as they will help strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility.

6. Use a Brace

Wearing a back brace or lumbar support has many benefits.

They can help reduce pain in your back, reducing the need for medication.

They also help with bad posture which can cause all sorts of further pain and issues.

7. Visit a Chiropractor

With the encouragement of your doctor, ask for a referral to a chiropractor who can help you further.

Chiropractors will use force to help move muscles, bones, and joints in and around your spine and any other areas of the body they may find necessary.

They will aim to relieve pressure from the back and align your spinal joints.

Make sure to tell them in the first consultation about how the injury happened and any history of back pain.

8. Lose Weight

Losing weight can have a multitude of benefits on your overall physical and mental health as well as relieving back pain.

By losing weight you will help to reduce the amount of stress placed on your muscles, joints, and bones.

To lose weight, you may want to cut down on carbs more and focus on a diet that’s made up primarily of protein, fruits, and veg.

Always consult your physician before losing weight though as you may suffer other health issues if you lose to much weight or too quickly.

9. Consider Changing Your Mattress

Suffering back issues whilst in bed is not uncommon.

Whilst we’re sleeping, our body is busy repairing itself so it’s vital we get a good night’s sleep.

Therefore it may be worth changing your mattress if you’re suffering from back pain and lack of sleep.

If you’re unsure what to choose, we recommend this as the best mattress for back pain.

Understanding What to Do When You Hurt Your Back?

We hope this article has been beneficial. Now, you know what to do when you hurt your back.

Why not check out our blog for more information on health, fitness, and more?

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Bonnie Phillips
1 year ago

As a practicing chiropractor, I can attest to everything written in this article. Back pain is a very tough issue to deal with and it’s important to take care of yourself.