What to Do If Your AC is Not Cooling as Efficiently as it Should Anymore?


The summer is approaching fast, and it means that you will need to keep your home cool to avoid the high temperatures.

Is your ac unit functioning correctly? Do you wonder why is my ac is not as cold anymore?

Let’s find the answers to these questions.

Stagnant air can cause all sorts of health problems, especially those who already suffer from allergies or asthma. It is wise not to wait until your AC system completely breaks down to call for service.

Here are a few things an expert will do if your AC is not cooling as efficiently as it used to:

Check the Air Filter

One of the main reasons why an AC system may not be cooling as efficiently is because the air filter is dirty. If the filter is clogged, the fan will not move enough air through the system, and it will not cool properly. You should check your air filter every month and replace it if necessary.

A dirty air filter will stop the airflow. So, you will need to run your system more to get cool air throughout your home.

Check HVAC Fan Motor

If you have checked the air filter and it is free of dirt and debris, then the problem with your AC system may be caused by a bad fan motor. 

It is pretty standard as most people forget to clean their fan blades from time to time. When they become covered in dirt, pollen, or even bird droppings, they can reduce the airflow of your HVAC system. A professional will lubricate the motor every few years to ensure everything is running smoothly.

According to reports, compared to other areas of the United States, the warmer weather in Texas and its neighboring states means that air conditioning accounts for a more significant portion of home energy use.

Keep Your Condenser Clean

The condenser works by reducing the pressure of the refrigerant gas to create heat and cool down inside your home.

When this process occurs, dirt particles are left behind, accumulating around your condenser. The dirt can prevent the condenser from working efficiently, and it can also block airflow.

It would help to clean your condenser twice a year to keep it efficient.

Check the Refrigerant Levels

If you wonder why my ac is not as cold anymore, check the refrigerant levels. If the refrigerant levels are too low, your AC system will not cool your home correctly.

A technician will add more refrigerant to the system if it is low. It is a simple process, and it can help improve the cooling efficiency of your AC system.

Check the Ducts

If your ducts are not sealed properly, you will lose a lot of the cooled air as it travels to your rooms.

It would be best if you had your ducts inspected and sealed every few years to ensure that you get the most out of your AC system.

Fix Any Leaks

Another common reason why an AC system is not cooling efficiently is that there are leaks in the AC.

If there is a leak in your air conditioner, then the refrigerant will escape, and the AC will not be able to cool your home. It would be best to have any leaks fixed as soon as possible to prevent this from happening.

If your AC system is not cooling as efficiently as it used to, then you should call an expert to come and take a look at it.

An inefficient AC system can cause health problems, and it can also be expensive to run. You can avoid these issues and keep your home cool this summer by taking care of the problem early.

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