What To Do If My Child Suffers a Head Injury At School?


Every child spends most of the day at school. A school is a second-best place where a child feels safe after his home. That’s why parents trust schools when the safety of their children is concerned. However, sometimes the safety we look for is failed to provide by the school authorities. Child abuse and accidents are not a new thing; they are happening every day inside and outside of the institution premises. If your child suffered from injuries while at school, you should contact a school-injury lawyer in Los Angeles immediately.

Study shows that about 4 million or more students get injured at schools, and they have to visit doctors for their treatment every year. Head injury is a very serious thing in children, and besides giving him medical attention, you should file a report against the institution with the help of an injury lawyer specializing in head trauma. Let’s provide you a comprehensive insight into what to do if your child suffers a head injury at school. 

Know Your Legal Rights at Child Head Injury Cases

Like daycare facilities, schools are also supposed to take care of the children. They are obliged to protect the children, especially when they are infants. Still, injury cases happen whether as an accident or from negligence. There can be many scenarios behind your child’s head injury, but if the school is responsible, you can hold them accountable. Most of the time, it’s a hard thing to report a legal claim against a public school unless you show direct evidence of the accident. On the other hand, private schools are a little less complicated. But in both of the cases, you should hire an experienced school injury lawyer to support your lawsuit. 

But the moment you know that your child is suffering from a brain injury, you need to follow these steps one by one.

Give Him Immediate Medical Attention

Soon after the accident, the school authorities are bound to call an ambulance or call you to pick up the student. But if your child arrives at home after getting injured, immediately seek medical help. Once your child is feeling good again, you can ask him to elaborate the story on what happened at school, on how he got injured. 

Ask Your Kid to Write Down What Happened

After an incident already occurred at school, you will need to make sure that this does not happen again. Therefore, ask your child to write down what happened when he is feeling good after the treatment. Ask him all the names that are involved in the accident and tell him to recall the story with a fresh mind. Once you have all the information, make a copy of the details and once you are ready, show it to your lawyer. Your attorney then will make sure what to do next with the legal actions.

Speak with the School Authorities

Before your child goes back to school again, talk to the school authorities to ensure it’s a safe decision. They should give you their words that this type of case won’t happen again. Only the school can confirm whether or not it’s safe to send your boy back to that place again.

Contact an Attorney and Ensure the Safety for Your Child

You also need to notify the school if you are trying to file a lawsuit against them. You will need to give them a notice before sending private investigators to find out your child’s case. In many cases, you need to forward a lawsuit within 60 or 90 days after the accident. 

You must contact a lawyer soon enough so that you can get over this; otherwise, you will run out of time to be able to file the lawsuit. Make sure that the attorney is experienced in a particular field because various types of school injury lawyers are out there. Once you contact a lawyer, he will tell you about all the legal actions you have to take to make sure these types of accidents don’t happen again. Stay connected for more information on different lawsuits. 

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