What To Buy For Your Baby Son’s Nursery


It’s a boy! So your OB doctor just announced it after taking the ultrasound of your growing belly and here you are now excited to purchase stuff to welcome his coming.  

You might be wondering what to get for your baby most especially when it’s a boy. You may think that kids can have the same, regardless of gender. But there are other factors to consider as well if you want to bring out the best look for your baby’s nursery. So we’re giving you a few tips on what to buy for your newborn and what to decorate for a baby boy’s room.


Perhaps the most important essential to buy, cribs are required for a baby boy’s nursery for him to be able to sleep well and sound by having protective bed barriers. The fences are needed so your baby would not fall off, as they tend to move around and side to side while asleep. Also, the slats (the spacing of the crib fence) must not be too wide apart so you’ll be able to prevent your babies from sticking their head, arms, and feet in it. Most cribs are standardized, so check for the best baby stores to purchase your desired crib. 

Yet, a baby must be put in a crib after 3 to 6 months, and newborns should be able to sleep beside their mothers if they’re only days old. 

Firm Mattresses

A crib is just a wooden structure, thus you still need to get a crib mattress that fits perfectly in your baby’s crib. A baby’s mattress should have a fit snug so it won’t move when your baby is asleep. Also, get a sheet that’s also fit for your baby’s mattresses, and eliminate stuffed animals as they come unnecessary for the baby’s crib space. 

Make sure your mattresses are not too hard and not too soft; definitely promotes the best sleep for your babies both day and night.

Baby Monitor

Recent technologies have made it different to check on babies but undeniably convenient for parents. A baby monitor is considered essential for your baby’s nursery so parents can do other things or take a rest when the baby is asleep. Baby monitors detect movements, and you can just swing around from one room to another and get back to your baby by the time the monitor beeps. Isn’t it hassle-free?

Other Essentials

You can also have a baby mobile above your baby’s crib so they’ll be entertained while you’re doing other household stuff. Apart from this, you can put a changing table, clothes hamper, and dressers so you’ll be able to gather your baby’s needs in one room. Some might also want to get a nightlight so you won’t need to turn a bright blinding brightness when checking or feeding them at night.

Time to Decorate

Before you even forget, you can choose a concept for your baby boy’s nursery room. Whether you’re looking for something classy, minimal, or artistic, you can always search for nursery room ideas on the internet. 

You can have his room plain and simple, by being more minimal on design yet still keeping the essentials. Paint the room in calming colors, so your baby boy can have a nursery that’s soothing to the eyes. 

Your boy’s nursery room must have the best essentials so you’ll always be on the go when taking care of him. Yet, it also is best to give it a makeover so his nursery can look its best even if he still cannot remember what it looks like. The most important thing to consider is to have a nursery that’s safe for your boy while giving you the contentment and confidence in providing the best for your kid. Reading this article just goes to show that you’re a great mother indeed!

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