What Is Basic Lease Agreement (with 10+ Samples)


The basic lease agreement is a document that includes two parties- lessor and lessee. Both these parties sign an agreement to the fair use of a property by the lessee. 

The lessor allows the lessee full rights over the use of that property for a fixed period in exchange for monthly rental payments. Both parties can draft this agreement and mention all the required terms and conditions to avoid disputes in the future.

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A basic lease agreement also includes how the disputes should be resolved if any. Thus, it is signed to protect the ownership of the lessor while the lessee enjoys the complete rights to use that property for the said period. 

You can check out the complete list of templates here.

Today, we will share some ready-to-use templates of basic lease agreements that you can use as a sample to understand how they work. You can also customize these templates to create your basic lease agreement without worrying about the legal aspects.

This agreement by CocoSign is general to all the States and both parties can personalize it to enter their terms and conditions. The sample helps you understand what type of terms you can set along with the clauses to help both parties.

Parties can decide whether they want the lease to be of a specific time or to renew them automatically with monthly rental payments. The basic rule is to lay out all the conditions upfront to avoid further disputes.

Use this template only if you can add the required terms and conditions to meet the State requirements. If not, you use the specific templates designed for your State only. 

This agreement is helpful when the lessor and the lessee are forming an agreement in Alabama. It is crucial as the terms and conditions of the agreement should follow the instructions and rules of the State to become valid. 

This template lays out all the conditions and how the landlord is going to charge the tenant to use the property. At the same time, the agreement makes it clear how the tenant can use the property and the responsibilities bound to it.

You can customize all the sections of this agreement to enter the information of both parties. However, it is important to keep the terms valid as an unjustified term can make the agreement null and void. 

Here is a purpose-based rental lease agreement that lets you sign an agreement to open a salon on a rented property. It includes all the basic things that we covered earlier along with some specific factors that concern the use of the property for a salon. 

It covers how the tenant can modify the interior or exterior of the property to make it suitable for a salon. However, the landlord can restrict the person from doing so with a proper clause as well.

When it comes to California, signing a rental lease agreement can be a challenge. It is because you need to deal with a lot of clauses and conditions that can make it complicated. However, this template is designed to help you sign a rental lease agreement without worrying about the legal aspect of the process. It includes all the necessary conditions to protect the right of both parties.

You can still make some more changes if both the parties agree to the conditions.

The commercial lease agreement is different than a regular lease agreement. This agreement is drafted while considering the requirements of the State of California to run a business. That is why the lessor and lessee need the fulfill the requirements of the State while considering their mutual benefits as well.

In the sample, you will find all the important conditions to make this agreement legally valid. Still, you can make changes to personalize the template according to your requirements. 

More and more people are renting out their cars to earn some extra money while they are not using them. However, a car rental agreement protects the lessor from all the liabilities from the accident, if it is done by the lessee. At the same time, the lessee acknowledges that all the liabilities belong to them as long as they are in charge of that vehicle.

It can also cover basic details like pick up and drop off location and the limitation on the use of the vehicle. It is important to mention if the lessee wants to use the vehicle for personal purposes or commercial purposes.

The Colorado Rental Lease Agreement is crucial when you are renting a property in this state. This template protects you from missing out on some important clauses of an agreement. The most popular thing about the Colorado form is that there is no maximum limit that the landlord can ask for in the agreement.

Thus, the landlord enjoys more benefits in this agreement. However, the tenant has an option to add some other conditions that favor them as well. 

Are you thinking about renting out your room in California? If yes, this form is going to help you out. This template agreement helps you rent your room to someone legally. It helps you get proper compensation for the rent and other charges if the person breaks any rule.

Singing this form transfers the liability to the tenant and the landlord won’t have to face any problem for the acts of the tenant. Thus, it is a crucial form for the landlords while getting a new tenant.

The use of this agreement is quite interesting as it lets the tenant share the property with another tenant. Usually, people do it when they have enough space for some other activity and want to earn some cash on it. The agreement plays out all the details such as the portion assigned to the new tenant. 

It is important to know that the tenant needs the permission of the landlord before signing a sublease with someone else.

This agreement is helpful when you rent out some equipment to someone. You can mention the details of the equipment and the assigned period of time for the lessee to use them. Also, you can add the terms and conditions to decide what happens if the person damages or lost your equipment.

You can sign this agreement by adding some more clauses to make it a personalized agreement. 


The above templates are to help you draft one according to your requirements. You can still use these templates and add the required information to make it work.

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 At the same time and the agreement makes it clear how the tenant can use the property and the responsibilities bound to it.!
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