What Can You Use an Olive Tapenade For?


Are you planning a party or just working out your snack list for the next few days? If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy option to serve, look no further than olive tapenade!

Tapenade has been enjoyed throughout the centuries by many different cultures, and for good reason! Tapenades are easy to make and offer a lot of health benefits. It’s nutrient-rich and versatile enough to replace sugary, processed alternatives.

Try an olive tapenade for your next dish! Here are several ways you can enjoy this unique food!

Olive Tapenade Texture and Flavor

There are many ways to make tapenades, but the simplest recipe just takes a few ingredients: olives, anchovies, capers, and olive oil.

Just like salsa, you can make either a smooth or chunky blend of black olive tapenade. How long you blend it depends on your preference and how you plan to use it.

Most olive tapenade recipes will have a savory taste. They will also be salty and maybe a little tangy, but overall they should have a fresh flavor! Since the extra ingredients can be very versatile, you can adjust the flavor to suit your taste. 

Make Tapenade Spreads

Tapenade is popular in southern France where it is most commonly served as a spread. It makes a wonderful savory topping for bread and crackers!

Follow this simple black olive tapenade recipe to make 8 servings of a delicious spread. Add a half-pound of pitted black olives, two anchovy fillets,  some garlic, and two tablespoons each of chopped capers and olive oil. Mix the ingredients in a food processor until they are well chopped, or form a smooth puree.

This dish is wonderful for an afternoon snack or a party hors d’oeuvre! You can also spread it onto your favorite sandwich.

Tapenade as a Main Dish

You can serve tapenade as a sauce on main dish staples for a fresh new taste! For example, it is delicious when you add it to chicken or fish.

The possibilities are endless. Some other olive tapenade uses include burger toppings, pastry fillings, and even pasta and pizza sauces. By adding extra olive oil and some vinegar, you can even make an enticing salad dressing.

You can find plenty of olive tapenade recipes online, or experiment with your own to discover a new favorite! 

Make a Tapenade Dip

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your cheese plate, look no further than a green olive tapenade recipe! All you have to do is add cream cheese to make a wonderful dip.

Like a spread, a tapenade dip is great on crackers and bread. Pita chips also make an excellent pair with tapenade. Fresh vegetables like carrots and celery are perfect for dipping as well.

Try Tapenade Now

Olive tapenade is a great dish that you can enjoy in plenty of delicious ways. Its fresh flavor makes it pair well with almost any meal. Add it to your grocery list now to enjoy at your next party or for your next snack!

You can find more recipes for every craving on the Food and Drink section of this site. Check it out now to plan your next menu!

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