What Are the Most Popular Types of Pizza?


Did you know that more than 98% of people in the United States eat pizza regulalry? 

Pizza is often a favorite food among young kids and adults because it has all of the best ingredients and flavors. 

If you are interested in cooking pizza, there are a couple of types that you should consider making. 

Continue reading to discover the most popular types of pizza that you can buy or make to satisfy your taste buds! 

Cheese Pizza

One of the most popular types of pizza that you can get is a simple cheese pizza. 

Cheese pizzas typically have a red sauce and get topped with a variety of cheeses. Provolone, mozzarella, and parmesan get blended to create a flavor that isn’t overwhelming. If you want to make an amazing cheese pizza, don’t be afraid to add spices to the crust or top of the pie. 

Veggie Pizza

Making pizza as a vegetarian is a fun thing to do because there are so many toppings to consider. 

Veggies make the perfect toppings for pizzas because they add a lot of flavor and health benefits. Whether you want the veggies cooked in the oven or added on top after baking for a fresh taste, you will love a veggie pizza. 

Many people recommend getting the best pizza oven for cooking so that you get an even bake. Comparing Roccbox vs Ooni pizza ovens can give you an idea of the type of oven that you need. 

Margherita Pizza

True pizza lovers make Margherita pizza often because of its fresh and tasty ingredients.

Margherita pizza is topped with fresh mozzarella balls, tomato sauce, and basil. This is the most refreshing type of pizza because there aren’t many added ingredients and the ones that are used are light. This is a great option if you like cheese pizza but want to try something new. 

Hawaiian Pizza

Probably the most controversial pizza combination is the Hawaiian pizza.

Hawaiian pizzas have a BBQ sauce base, cheese topping, and pineapple. Most people also include red onion and chicken or bacon on the top as well. This type of pizza hits sweet and spicy notes on your tongue, making it a satisfying flavor to try. 

If you like to eat Hawaiian pizza, don’t be shocked if people judge you for it. Instead of letting them shame you for liking an amazing pizza, embrace it and have all of the slices you want! 

What Popular Types of Pizza Do You Like?

Looking at the most popular types of pizza, it can be difficult to select one as your favorite.

Each type of pizza has a unique flavor combination that will leave you drooling for more. Whether you are a vegetarian or meat lover, there is a pizza flavor that is perfect for you. Pizza toppings come in so many varieties, so don’t be afraid to make your combination.

A basic cheese pizza can be made so that it feels like there are dozens of flavors. You can make a simple pizza exciting and filled with flavor. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about how to make pizza and enjoy your time in the kitchen! 

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