What Are the Most Common Marriage Problems?


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, both marriage and divorces declined over the past 10 years. But even with this decline, there are many marriage problems that can lead to divorce. Marriage is tough, and it’s not always easy to communicate.

However, many couples have overcome their marriage issues. On the other hand, saving a marriage isn’t always the best option.

Take a look at the content below to learn about the most common causes of divorce.

1. Financial Issues

One of the most common marriage problems is money. Money problems can put a lot of stress on a marriage and lead to arguments about spending and saving. If you and your spouse are not on the same page financially, it’s difficult to make ends meet.

In most cases, one partner is spending more money than the other.

2. Communication Problems

Another marriage problem that can lead to divorce is communication. If you and your spouse are not able to communicate effectively, it could create a lot of tension. Troubles in marriage often arise when one person feels like they’re not being heard, or when there’s a lack of transparency about important issues.

Marriage counseling can often help these types of issues.

3. Infidelity

Infidelity is also a common marriage problem. If one partner is unfaithful to the other, it’s difficult to overcome. While some couples are able to work through infidelity, others find it too hard to trust their partner again, even is cases of emotional cheating.

4. Different Priorities

When you and your spouse have different priorities, it causes tension in your marriage. For example, if you want to focus on your career while your spouse wants to start a family, it’s hard to find a common ground.

Disagreements about important life decisions can definitely trigger marriage problems.

5. Abuse

Abuse is a huge marriage problem, unfortunately. If there’s any type of abuse going on in your marriage, it’s important to get help. Abuse can be physical, emotional, or verbal. No matter what type of abuse it is, it’s never okay.

6. Parenting Differences

Parenting differences are another marriage problem that’s tough to overcome. If you and your spouse are not on the same page about parenting, it could trigger numerous arguments. This is a challenging problem to get past.

7. Growing Apart

The final marriage problem on this list is growing apart. Over time, it’s natural for couples to grow apart. As you change and grow as an individual, your relationship with your spouse may change too.

While some couples are able to adapt to these changes, others find that they’ve simply grown apart and can no longer relate to one another.

Identifying Marriage Problems

There are many marriage problems that can lead to divorce. However, many couples are able to overcome their issues and stay together. If you’re experiencing marriage issues, there are resources available to help you. With the right guidance, you can work through anything…if that’s what you truly want.

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