What are the best types of curtains for a kid’s room?


As any parent will know, it’s incredibly important that your child’s room is a positive environment. It needs to be restful and calming, while at the same time being fun and possessing an aesthetic that they can enjoy spending time surrounded by. 

There are multiple elements that go into creating such an environment, from bedding and furniture to what colour you paint the walls. One aspect that’s frequently overlooked but highly important is the choice of curtains you go with – we spoke to the team at Woodyatt Curtains to explore what types of curtains are best for a kid’s room.

Considerations when choosing curtains for kids

There are a number of factors you’ll want to consider when choosing curtains for your kid’s room

First is how the curtains make the room a more restful environment; kids need to sleep a lot, and they need a calm, quiet environment that helps them to rest. You need to choose curtains that block both light and noise to sufficient degrees, to make sure that bedtime is as calm and easy as possible. 

Second, they need to be safe – chords and strings can be choking hazards at worst, at best they’re likely to get torn off if your kid chooses to swing on them.

Finally, you’ll want an option that looks good and goes with the rest of the aesthetic of their room. This will differ case by case a lot more than the first two factors, depending on your and your kid’s personal preferences.

Different options

Luckily, there is a wide range of potential options that can tick all these boxes for your kid’s room.

Pull-down blackout blinds

Blackout blinds offer a simple solution to keep your kid’s room dark. This can be especially useful if you live on a street with bright lights, or on a corner where car headlamps often flash through. 

Blackout blinds don’t offer a lot of thermal insulation, which can mean that it’s often best to use them along with a thicker curtain to help retain heat in the winter and keep the room cool in the summer.

Thermal insulated curtains

While it’s important that your kid’s room is dark at night, it’s equally important that it remains a steady temperature throughout the seasons. People sleep best in moderate temperatures, with children being especially sensitive to variables such as these. 

Windows are typically the least insulated part of a room, making it especially important to choose thick, thermally insulated curtains. These will help keep the room warm in the winter (keeping heating bills down) while keeping a room as cool as possible in the heat of summer.


Shutters can be another good solution for kids’ rooms. They offer variability and an impressive amount of sound insulation, although this depends on the exact model that you end up going with. As with black-out blinds, it’s usually necessary to get drapes that hang over the curtains as well, for thermal insulation purposes.

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