What Are the Best Apps for Losing Weight?


Weight loss is a journey that requires a lot of commitment and discipline. It can become easy to give up, especially when you do not see the results that you expect to see right away. Just like any other journey, however, it requires patience and steady consistency. To stay on track, therefore, one must get all the help that they can muster. This can be accomplished through the form of a coach, support from family or friends, or even engaging in a meal delivery plan to ensure that you stick to healthy eating. With the technological age, it is important also to leverage resources available to achieve one’s goals. Fitness apps are in abundance, all offering different features, which may also help you achieve your weight goals. Below we have outlined some of our top picks that may help you:

  • MyFitnessPal

One of the major things that one needs to pay attention to in their weight loss journey is calories. As is the golden rule, to achieve any significant results you must maintain a calorie deficit. Calorie counting is not exactly fun and may take up a lot of our time. As such, many people may get discouraged from counting their calories since it appears like such a daunting task for every meal. This is where MyFitnessPal comes in. It is quite advantageous as it will allow you to log in to what you have eaten and count the calories for you. Due to its diverse database of all types of food, you will be able to easily keep track of your calories and hence stay within your limits for weight loss. 

  • Noom

In addition to regular exercise, weight loss is also largely dependent on maintaining a healthy diet which is equally important for a calorie deficit. The Noom app comes in handy especially when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, because it contains a lot of helpful tips on healthy eating. It will provide data on some of the healthy foods to try, thus making the whole process of figuring out what to eat every day much easier. Moreover, Noom contains health and wellness coaches that can train you on how to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle. This is beneficial as it will be personalized based on your biodata, taking into consideration your weight goals, preferences in diet, and factors like age and height.

  • Lose It!

Just like other weight loss apps, Lose It contains a large database of foods and which allows you to log your calorie intake. The app then allows you to generate a weekly or a monthly report which is excellent for keeping track of progress. It also has a feature in which you can log in your weight and generate a graph of the same. Having sight of these reports is excellent as it will help you see if your habits are working and regroup in case you need to make improvements.

  • Weight Watchers

This is one of the best apps in the market, as it has plenty of unique and helpful features. It has a wide database of healthy food recipes that you can try and, again, save yourself the hassle of deciding what and when to cook. Moreover, the app does have a barcode scanner which will make it easier when logging your daily calorie intake. Some unique features it has include a meal planner, and a feature to search for recipes based on ingredients that you have in your fridge. These simple but helpful features will make your weight loss process much easier and smoother, and even enjoyable to a certain extent.

  • FatSecret

Weight loss journey can become difficult at times, and it is necessary to be prepared for those days when you feel unmotivated. FatSecret seeks to provide that support to people, especially due to its chat feature. In addition to logging calories and your weight, it will also enable you to chat with other people. This will help you be established in a community in which you can all push each other on days when it is hard. Having a group of people who are going through the same struggles that you are facing is beneficial, as you will feel understood. You will be in a better position to rally each other on, and even share helpful tips based on each other’s experiences.

There are plenty of other apps, all of which will work differently for various people. The important thing is to ensure that you do not forget the basics, which include exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. 

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