Vaping in Style: 3 Ways a Customized Vape Setup Can Improve Your Experience


From the moment of e-cigarette inception, vaping has developed to be one of the most popular leisure activities and an excellent alternative to smoking. Experienced vapers have looked for ways to enhance their experiences and a result; this has led to the discovery of various techniques for customizing the vape setup. Customization offers numerous options for flavor chasers to enhance their vaping experience. These options range from batteries to tanks to e-liquids alterations. If you are thinking about customizing your vape, you will definitely want to consider the pointers given below.

Adjusting Wattage & Temperature Settings

Tweaking the setting of your small premium vaporizers is one of the simplest ways to enhance the flavor of your e-liquid. By changing your settings, you’ll be in a position to obtain the juice flavor you desire. This is because different flavors are obtained at different temperatures. The setting of your vaporizer will determine how your coil heats. This is one of the greatest advantages of having a variable wattage device. Click here to learn more about this e-cig variety called vape or box mods.

The right way to go about it is to begin with the lowest setting and move up until the “sweet spot” is hit. Every e-liquid has a sweet spot. For that reason, you’ll need to experiment with every flavor so you can establish the one that is ideal for you.

All in all, your coil’s temperature is a crucial factor in flavor chasing. Devices used to control the temperature limit the temperature of the coil, making them ideal for creating a customized flavor.

Use Higher PG Juices

Vape customizations are essential when it comes to creating a flavorful experience during vaping. Over time, vapors develop a preference for the PG/VG ratio. If you intend to chase cloud, a high-VG juice would be ideal for you as this creates bigger clouds and thicker vapor. On the other hand, a high PG juice is suitable if you are looking to maximize your flavor. Therefore, using a higher-PG juice will enhance your flavor as opposed to a higher-VG juice. Even though that is the case, you need to remember that PG can produce throat hit and may end up making your throat harsh if you select a ratio that is too high.

Narrow-Bore Drip Tip

Some people believe the drip tip cannot influence the flavor, but it does. Modern atomizers and tanks are trending towards wider drip tips. This produces an airier vape and is ideal for cool vapor and cloud production. However, to boost your flavor, try switching the wide-bore drip to a narrower one. Although there are disagreements about this point, a thinner drip tip will always improve your experience as long as you go about it the right way.  

The above customization tips should assist you to enjoy the flavor of your juices. However, these settings are by no means complete. There are other different customization options, but the above will certainly give you a head-start in your flavor-chasing expedition. Apart from the above, you can always try to customize your vaping experience by trying out something different. 

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