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With today’s generation we are in a cell phone craze, most homes these days don’t even have a land-line. We have all started to push towards our hand-held devices helping us answer phone calls almost anywhere in the world. Having my own experience with land-lines and cell phones, I of course have made the switch as well only because of the high price it seems to have a land-line. Now I have always had one problem with my cell phone, and that is… it’s battery life! I can’t count to the amount of times I have come home with my cell phone in the midst of dieing. Of course when this happens you get that one person to call your phone as soon as it is placed on the charger. Fortunately for me though I no longer have to stand by my charger and stretch my body to keep it plugged in. The new V-Tech Connect To Cell DS6511-4A has changed that for me, I know have a land-line type product that I can connect my cell phones up to.


Great DS6511-4A Features Are:

  • Connect up to 4 Bluetooth devices including your cell phone’s or headsets.
  • Two Bluetooth devices can have an active connection to the system at the same time
  • You do not need a Land-line service to use
  • Phone directory is downloaded directly to the VTech DS6421-3 Connect to Cell phone system
  • you can easily connect to a Bluetooth headset
  • It’s hearing aid compatible

I have taken the time to learn most features of this great phone product, and it has eased my frustration from my cell phones battery life. Now when I get home I can plug my cell phone to it’s charger, and when that one person calls that always does when your cell is dieing i simply pick up my V-Tech DS6511-4A. My V-tech Connect to Cell came with it’s regular base model (which is great all in itself) but it had also came with three additional handsets. I highly recommend this for people who are extremely busy or run a company, because while in the house if someone else answers the handset they can simply transfer the phone call to another device so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to take the phone to someone else. It has the obviously feature of paging your phone just in case you lose the handset, along with an answering machine like a regular land-line. Hopefully my review was helpful and go ahead and give some feed back if you wish (if you decide to get your own V-Tech DS6511-4A).

And let’s not forget how many times you’ve found yourself upstairs with a ringing cell phone down!



Make your life a bit easier when it comes to your cell phone, go home place your cell phone on the charger and pick up your new V-Tech Connect To Cell DS6511-4A. Also think of the holiday season coming up I’m sure you can find someone in your family that would love this for a Christmas present!

 Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.

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10 years ago

I have looked all over and so far you have the only thing close to what I was trying to figure out. Will my regular bluetooth headset from my cell phone work with this phone?? THANKS!!

Jack Ritter
Jack Ritter
10 years ago

What is the effective satelite-to-base RANGE of the V-Tech DS6511-4A, when there is a wall between them? How about 2 walls? Yes, there are many factors that determine range, but can someone give me a number of some kind, other than “it depends” ? 🙂

10 years ago
Reply to  Jack Ritter

I have just experienced what I believe to be a communication problem. Our house is two stories with a full garage below. My office is in the attic, (3rd floor?) I tried making a cell call and it did not go thru. I went one floor down (2nd floor) and it did go thru. The base station is located in the kitchen of the 1st floor.

10 years ago

Verizon Wireless Home Phone Connect F256VW
What cordless phones are compatible…I have this at home & need to upgrade my cordless phones…is this phone
V-Tech DS6511-4A Connect to Cell …compatible?