Underachieving Students and Their Parents How to Avoid the Greatest Parental Mistakes


Everything can’t be perfect in child-raising, and we can’t do without mistakes and problems. But at the same time, we should not forget that parenting mistakes can have a life-changing impact on a child’s life. Unfortunately, most parents start noticing some gaps in the relationship only when a child gets a student status and run into a row of achievements problems. Let’s check what the most common parent-child problems are and how to stay out of them.

Freedom of Choice

Today’s parents have the idea that their child should have a wide choice of everything from breakfast dishes to opportunities. However, some students are not ready to cope with the freedom and responsibility of making any choice. For instance, when you give your child a chance to choose to learn or not, it’s obvious he will pick up the second option. As a result, having got a bad grade, he will blame you for his failures and misfortunes. Even if he runs into scams without initial reading of essay pro reviews, he shifts the blame on you. Do you want to have such an outcome?

Unstinting Praise

A lot of parents praise their children for everything they’ve done. Of course, positive reinforcement is vital for a relationship with parents and the world, but sometimes parents overdo it with praise, making them dependent on it.

Too Many Extracurricular Activities

Psychologists talk about the fact that modern parents are obsessed with the idea that the child should always be included in some activity. Sometimes it is very useful for the child to be bored as it stimulates fantasy, develops creativity, and helps the child to learn to plan their own time.

Parents believe that classes and training distract children from horrors and dangers of the real world. Still, often immersion in “additional classes” leads to burning out or attempts to throw out the gained negative emotions due to stressful situations through bullying and aggression. Besides, being too exhausted with sports and other activities might prevent from studying hard enough. Thus, students don’t have time to read a superbpaper review to get to know top-rated writing services that make the studying process easier.

Ideas of Intellectual Superiority

When some parents notice their children are underachieving, they start convincing that intellectual superiority over others will open the door to a better and successful life. Such speeches often lead to arrogance and disdain for others. As a result, instead of making efforts and trying to get better results, students consider everyone more stupid than they are.  

Using Threatens

There is a category of parents who still use expressions in their vocabulary, “If you don’t pass your tests well, I will be disappointed and stop loving you.” This is one of the most terrible mistakes of a parent a child should never doubt your love, never be afraid to lose it. 

Attempts to Protect From Failures

Overprotective parents are always trying to create a safe space around the child with no room for misfortunes. Everything has to be fine. Otherwise, he will be injured both physically and morally. It’s not surprising that these children grow up to be people who don’t respect others. Parents have to explain that ups and downs are another way to learn life, become wiser, and gain valuable experience.

Lack of Interest in Child’s Life

Not only kids need your love and parent support, senior students also have to know that you love them and are interested in daily life. If your child asks for your help to do his homework, at least take an interest in assignments instead of redirecting him to academic writers asking, “Please, write my essay for me.”

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Veronika Sykorova
Veronika Sykorova
11 months ago

Freedom of choice is a big one, I’m a huge procrastinator and I know how hard it can be when you can pick whether you want to do what youre supposed to or not

11 months ago

I agree with a lot on this post. Bombarding children with lots of extracurricular activities is really unhealthy. It happens quite often almost everywhere and it is sad. These are issues parents should look into. Great post by the way.

11 months ago

This is a great breakdown in which parents can implement into their households. Having too much extra activities in place can be overwhelming and stressful for a child. Sending this post to my friends who have kids!

Claudia Blanton
11 months ago

this is a great list, and you are making a lot of important points. Thankfully, my now grown children are and always were super self-motivated. I am blessed. However, I have seen parents shielding their kids from failures, and that has never created a good outcome.

9 months ago

Most often, student failure cannot be explained by low mental abilities or unwillingness to learn. The means that are used to prevent academic failure have a weak effect (additional classes, moral pressure on the student). They often lead to a complete reluctance to learn. Sometimes children need to be given freedom, to walk with them, to go to the place where they have long wanted to go. In this case, parents also need free time, and in order not to sit for lessons or writing an essay, you can turn to professionals. writemyessays.me service once helped me a lot, I recommend 🙂

9 months ago

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seo expert
7 months ago

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