Winter is the time to snuggle in cozy pajamas and hot chocolate, along with different activities that kids can enjoy in cold weather. Making winter fun is the biggest concern as the weather is already gloomy, and the energy level of kids even makes it hard for them to tackle the harsh weather without some kind of activity. As it is already difficult to manage with the weather, the boredom at home often strikes, leaving the kids lazy and unproductive. 

Winter activities for kids can vary from indoor activities like baking cookies to outdoor activities like skating and snowball fights.

Making a proper timeline of the things to do in winter is the first step towards a memorable winter season. 

Let’s look at some activities that you can plan this winter to enjoy with your kids.

1.Set Up a Movie Night

With winter comes the holiday season and the chance to enjoy holiday movies. Plan a movie night at home while enjoying popcorn and soda. Ask the children to pick their favorite movie and let the fun begin. After the film, you can arrange a trivia quiz activity for kids to ask questions about the film and increase their knowledge regarding different societal topics.

2.Build A Snowman

One of the traditional winter activities is building a snowman. However, with time, the children are losing interest in this activity. Revamp your backyard with some fairy lights to create a cozy environment and let the kids have all the fun while you assist them along with enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate. 

3.Host A Pajama Party

A fun way to spend an evening with the kids is to host a pajama party where you can arrange different activities for your kids and their friends to enjoy. Plan various activities for the kids to enjoy at home, including movie and board games. The highlight of the night could be when you provide them with their matching customized pajamas for the night. 

4.Try Snowmobiling

With winter, comes snow and a chance to enjoy different activities like snowboarding and snowmobiling. Plan a weekend getaway with kids for snowmobiling and spend the entire weekend having fun. In case there is a risk of an accident with your snowmobile, check here to get the best rates on snowmobile insurance in Ontario. 

5.Host A Virtual Night With Family

This pandemic has taught us the importance of friends and family and how we should cherish every moment we spend with them. Plan a zoom meeting with family when planning winter activities for kids and have them connect with their extended family and cousins. 


Candle making is an art that many people enjoy. Teach your children how to make a candle at home by buying a DIY candle making kit.  Add different scents and give your home a cozy feeling while your kids enjoy this activity at home without having to go out anywhere.

7.Go Ice Skating

Another winter activity for kids to enjoy this year is ice skating. Take your kids to your nearest ice skating rink and teach them how to ice skate this year. Activity will keep them busy and will be a productive activity for kids in the winters.

8.Bake Cookies 

Who doesn’t love cookies? The heavenly smell of freshly baked cookies along with delicious toppings is a must this winter. Enjoy baking cookies with your kids with this customized baking kit, and let your kids show their creative side while they play with frostings and beautiful toppings. 

9.Go Shopping

Take your kids to the mall and assign them a specific amount to buy stuff for themselves. This activity for your kids will help them to learn the importance of mindful spending and will teach them the importance of being independent from the very beginning. 

10.Go For A Walk

The best part of the winter is the sun. Going out for a walk in nature is the best thing to do this winter while you soak in some vitamin D on the way. When bored, convert this little morning walk to a small picnic by packing some fruits and snacks for the kids to eat. 

11.Indulge In Crafts

A very productive activity for kids and to keep them busy while they attend online school is crafting. Pick out some sheets and paints along with some everyday crafting materials from the dollar store and let the kids make some cute art of their own.

12.Make A Polaroid Album

Making memories is an integral part of life, and what better way to make some memories while capturing pictures. Teach the kids how to use a polaroid camera and take them out to create some beautiful memories. 

13.Trip To Playland

What better way to enjoy childhood memories than going to a playland? Create some memories for your kids to enjoy later on by taking them to playland and help them indulge in different activities from gaming in an arcade zone to riding the merry go round. Also, stop by the concession cart on your way back to get some freshly made cotton candy. 

14. Reading

Bring a twist to casual reading by preparing activities and set up a trivia quiz. Assign them a book to read and schedule an examination from that book. After they have read the book, play the quiz, and ask them questions from the book. This activity will not only engage them but will also help them to read from a different perspective. 

Winter is all about having fun, and what better way to have fun while you teach your kids some life long skills. These activities will keep your kids engaged and help them learn some practical skills while they spend some quality time with you.

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