Top Personal Finance Apps for Low-Income Earners in Australia


Personal finance can feel like a tricky subject. Many people struggle when managing their money, finding it hard to keep track of their expenses or stick to a budget. Luckily, there are numerous smartphone apps that can help you handle your finances more effectively. Low Income Loans Australia has put together a few apps worth giving a try.

These apps are great for people of any financial background as we can all manage our finances better to achieve different financial goals.


One of the most widely used personal finance apps is Mint by Intuit. This app gives you a real-time look at your finances, including bank account, credit card, and retirement account details. It makes tracking your spending simple, and the ability to create a customized budget with a variety of expenditure categories can help you stay on target. You can even set up alerts to let you know when you’re about to exceed your preset spending limit in a category, giving you a heads up if you’re about to bust your budget.


As a low-income earner, you may assume that investing isn’t something you can afford. However, Acorn makes it easy for anyone to get started. Simply connect your checking account and credit cards to the app, and Acorn rounds up each purchase to the next whole dollar. The difference gets invested in a portfolio you design. The rounding up process makes investing feel affordable, bring options to anyone regardless of their income level.

Level Money

For people who would like help setting up a budget, the Level Money app may be the answer. It connects to your bank account, using the information therein to locate recurring bills and calculate your income. Then, it produces recommendations for your daily, weekly, and monthly spending. It even gives you an idea of what you should save every month and subtracts it from your larger spending budget. You can even turn on the autosave feature, allowing any unspent funds to be automatically transferred to your savings account.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma offers users multiple benefits. Not only can you monitor your credit report and score, but you can also track spending patterns if you connect the app to your accounts. Based on your information, Credit Karma even recommends financial products that may help improve your current situation. Just keep in mind that taking out a new loan or credit card might not be the wisest move depending on your situation and, even if Credit Karma recommends a product, they aren’t guaranteeing your application will be accepted.


Fans of the “envelope” budgeting system will feel right at home with the Goodbudget app. This system uses a similar method to the envelope system, allowing users to allot a certain amount of funds to specific spending categories. You can easily track your expenses in each category, making the entire process simpler.

There are other personal finance apps out there that can also be helpful these are the more popular ones being used in Australia found by Low Income Loans Australia. Just consider what part of the personal finance equation you want help with and see if there is a reputable corresponding app that can help you get the job done quickly and easily.



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