Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Piano and the Cost


Are you itching to become one of the 21 million Americans who play the piano? Whether you just want to have fun or become the next Leonard Bernstein, there’s no better time to start than now. You’ll learn a new skill — and benefit your cognitive abilities and mood.

Read on to learn the top 6 reasons why you should learn the piano and the cost!

1. Piano Lessons Boost Your Mood

Looking for a good creative outlet? One of the big benefits of learning piano is the ability to develop a creative skillset. From improvisational boogies to a bit of Brahms, you’ll be able to express your feelings.

The sound of music can be a tool to fight depression or anxiety. And the reward of playing a difficult piece can work wonders on one’s self-esteem!

2. Become More Creative

Do you want to become more imaginative? Learning to play the piano can help you do just that. If you’ve always pursued focused, logical interests, trying improv or modern music can push your creative juices.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay a fortune to do it. A private teacher without much experience could charge as little as $15 for 30 minutes of instruction. A veteran with an impressive resume might be closer to $50.

3. Improve Your Reading and Memorization Skills

When you play piano, you have to read different clefs and chords. And you have to maximize your brainpower to choreograph sequences of notes into harmonious sounds. These skills are not unlike those used to read a book.

On top of that, make memorization a part of the piano-playing experience. The act of memorizing a piece will help you or your kids perform better with similar tasks, like tests.

4. Learn the Piano to Keep Your Brain Sharp

If you’re interested in sharpening your brain, turn to music. As adults, it’s never too late to stretch your thinking, and taking up music can be like learning a new language. Additionally, encouraging kids to take up piano only gives them more practice sharpening their cognitive skills. 

Further, research shows that learning to play the piano can help cognitive function in the elderly. Pull out some sheet music and get to work!

5. Build Stronger Fingers

Think about how much you rely on your fingers. One of the overlooked benefits of playing the piano is the ability to whip those fingers into shape. You’ll develop dexterous, nimble fingers that can skate across the keyboard.

And this sharpened skill will help your hand-eye coordination, too. Plus playing piano might just help arthritic fingers feel better.

6. Develop a Sense of Discipline

To make strides playing the piano, you’ll need to commit to daily practice and develop discipline. You’ll cover chords, arpeggios, and etudes. Turn to top-rated piano lessons in MD to jumpstart your progress!

A good piano teacher will help correct fingerings and work with you on challenging passages. They’ll also assign portions of a more challenging piece to help incentivize improvement. Commit to practicing at least 30 minutes per day to start.

Know the Benefits of Learning Piano

When you learn the piano, you open the doors to musical self-care and better mental acuity. You’ll love gaining a creative outlet that improves your mood and thinking. And you’ll boost your brainpower and creativity!

For more ways to build your skills, check back for new and informative articles.

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Pim Clieff
Pim Clieff
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1 year ago

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red ball
1 year ago

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malinka strong
malinka strong
1 year ago

The piano is my favorite instrument, and I can tell you that instrumental videos from Youtube made me learn it. I even have a few of them downloaded with Mp3Juices , and listening to piano calms me down the most, that’s the best way for me to calm down after a hard day at work. I’m convinced that this music instrument is the best for that, and playing piano for me is a great way to reduce stress and forget daily problems.