Top 10 Yacht Rental Companies in All Over the World


Yacht chartering is becoming increasingly popular over the last decade or so as vacationing on yachts has become a luxurious and super trendy method of enjoying a holiday. Coastal cities, islands and tropical destinations can be visited by renting different types of luxury yachts. Passenger yachts, luxury yachts, cabin charters, and skippered yachts are all available for rent in all major countries of the world. The following are some of the top yacht rental companies all over the world:

The Moorings

The Moorings is one of the largest yacht charter companies in the world. This company offers its customers first-class luxury holiday experience to destinations all over the world. Customers are offered sail yacht charters, powerboat charters, crewed yacht charters, and the company offers group deals and special discounts. The company offers yacht rental services in Tahiti, Tonga, Caribbean, The Americas, the Mediterranean, Thailand, and Seychelles.

San Juan Sailing

Another top choice for yacht rentals is San Juan Sailing. Started in the 1980s, this company has over 30 sail boats and an experience of more than thirty years in the business. This environmentally friendly yacht rental service is located in Washington State and offers great deals for yacht rentals to locations like San Juan Islands and the Gulf Islands off the Pacific coast of America.


An internationally famous yacht rental service is Yachtico which offers yacht rentals in major tourist destinations all over the world. Yacht rentals are offered by Yachtico at great prices in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Baltic Sea. This is a top yacht rental for Europe yachts  and yachts to major tourist destinations in the world. Yachtico offers sailboats, motorboats, catamarans, and houseboats and it is easy to book a yacht online.


A top choice in the yacht industry for yacht rentals offered to families, group of friends, or even for a couple to enjoy a romantic getaway on a yacht. Zizoo offers yacht rentals to exotic holiday destinations like Croatia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, France, Thailand, and the Caribbean to name a few. Rental boats include catamarans, sailboats, motorboats, speed boats and gulets.


A leading name in yacht rentals is Sunsail yachts. People choose Sunsail because of its fleet of 48 latest yachts, its famous flotilla charters and the top tourist’s destinations in which Sunsail operates. Bareboat Yacht Charter skippered vacations, and flotilla vacations to over 20 destinations all over the world make it a favorite for regattas, corporate events, and tourist vacations.

Princess Yacht Charter

Princess Yacht Charter is a European yacht rental service with yacht spread out all over the world. This service caters to bespoke luxury vacations on yachts in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, in Asia, Northern Europe, the Americas, and South Pacific. Princess yachts, motor yachts, and sail yachts are all available and various luxury services like private air travel are also part of the rental services.


For high standards and luxury yacht rentals in Washington State in the United States of America, the Anacortes Yacht Charter is a top choice. The town of Anacortes in Washington has a lovely marina and this rental service offers customers great rental deals for different types of yachts and ships in this region.

Mala Yachts

Dubai is a top tourist destination for a luxurious vacation and Mala Yachts offers great luxury yacht charter in Dubai. It has a fleet of luxurious yachts, offers top-notch services and there are customizable rental packages for tourists and customers looking for yacht rental in Dubai.

Top Yachts

In the United Kingdom, the top yacht rental service is Top Yachts. The yachts rentals are available for tourist destinations like Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Caribbean, Cuba, British Virgin Islands, and Thailand. Top Yachts provides bareboat yachts, sailing yachts, skippered yachts, luxury crewed charters, and traditional gulet charters with a well-trained crew and great services.

FairWind Charters

New Zealand is a top tourist destination and a great yachting destination in the Pacific. Fairwind charters has a fleet of yachts and ships perfect for a seaside vacation along the beautiful coast of New Zealand. A beautiful New Zealand holiday on a rental yacht is a great idea and this yacht rental company has more than 30 years experience in the industry. FairWind offers good deals in the South Pacific area around New Zealand and it is a top yacht rental service.

The above-mentioned yacht rental services offer luxurious yachts for rent for different types of tourists looking to enjoy their vacation on board a spectacular yacht. The yacht rental companies offer great deals and discounts and have a fleet of luxurious yachts in top tourist locations all over the world. Yacht vacations are becoming very popular with people not just in the western world but also for those who want to experience a luxurious holiday from any corner of the planet.

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