Top 10 Uses of Muslin Blanket


Muslin blankets are very versatile – they are not just solely for wrapping babies. This article will be about some of the perfect uses of a muslin blanket: 

  • A comfy blanket.

Muslin is one of those few spectacular fabrics. It is soft, welcoming, it brings warmth and breathability as well. Muslin fabrics have a fairly natural stretch, too. This is the kind of fabric with which you would want to curl up. Muslin, as a blanket, is really soft, light and gentle. The weightlessness of a muslin fabric makes it perfect to cover up a sleeping baby without disturbing him or her and it folds up neatly and super thin, so it is not hard to put and fit a muslin blanket inside a diaper bag.

  • Perfect for swaddling a baby.

A muslin fabric is breathable and also insulating, it is very soft and does have a touch of elasticity –not for the reason that it contains any elastic, but rather because of its open weave structure. It is therefore perfect for swaddling a baby. The aim of baby swaddling is to prevent the baby from waking up because of thrashing about and while also making the baby feel safe and comfortable. Swaddling with the use of thick fabrics does not really work well on two reasons: 1) it is too hot for a baby and 2) babies can wriggle out effortlessly. Muslin blankets are preferred, may it be swaddling during winter (there are also double layered muslin fabric for “deep freeze” swaddling) or summer. Muslin blankets are indeed nice and comfortable for babies.

  • An improvised sun shade.

And seeing as a muslin blanket is so breathable it yields to be the perfect sun shade. Muslin blankets are suitable to be used as sun shades for prams, car seats, portable cots as well as whenever you are out in the sun, as long as they are appropriately sized. You can just easily tie it between chairs or posts and put your baby right in the perfect shady spot created. You could easily fasten them over a carseat or pram and perhaps roll up the window with a corner of the blanket stuck in it and tie the other corner end to the seatbelt to make an improvised sun shade in the car. Muslin blankets are super thin, flexible and durable that you can actually tie its corner ends to things. There are really a lot of possible things you can make with just the use of muslin blankets.

  • An alternative burp cloth or puke rag.

No question that babies are really cute. But another fact is that babies drools and pukes milk – a lot. You will really appreciate if you have muslin blankets handy if you have a “pukey” baby because of the fabrics wicking power. It is super absorbent so it can easily absorb drools and milk pukes. Muslin blankets are, indeed, fantastic puke rags or burp cloths.

  • Just the ideal nursing cover.

Since muslin blankets are so convenient and versatile, it is also great to use as a nursing cover. You can just easily heave it over your shoulder to cover your breast while nursing. Or if it is quite windy or you have to cover up more carefully because you are in a public place, you can tie both ends at the back to secure it. The fact the moms love most about muslins is that it is light weight and does not overheat both baby and mom while breastfeeding. It is also super absorbent that it can easily soak up spilled milk or those accidental baby spit outs without the need of getting out another towel to wipe it.

  • The perfect cover for public changing pods. 

Babies frequently need diaper changes – may it be at home or when you are at malls. Muslin blankets are handy in during these times. It is the perfect cover for those changing pods to make sure that your precious baby will not be in direct with the changing pod (which is usually germs- infested).

  • A great play mat.

There are really unexpected times when you just need to put your baby down on a playground while you are also doing something or when you are talking with somebody. Babies are not good in just being still and being carried all the time. Muslin blankets are just the answer to this dilemma. You can just easily lay the blanket on the ground and let your baby sit on it and play around. This way, the baby is comfortable as well as you are guaranteed that she will not be eating anything on the ground. 

  • Just as absorbent as a terry towel.

Muslin blankets are really absorbent so they can be make-shift towels just in case you were not able to bring a towel during your pool session. Although they are not as thick as terry towels and not as good in keeping your little one warm when it is already moist or wet, they still fairly fare well when you do not have other options.

  • Can be a security blanket.

Babies tend to have a blanket that they cannot live without. They are referred to as security blankets. Muslin blankets are just the perfect security blanket that you can carry around with you, specially when travelling. It is not bulky and can fold up thinly so it is not a hassle to bring. Muslin blankets are also extra durable. It can last a really long time. Just in time until your baby will outgrow it – or even for a few more years. 

  • A cloth diaper. 

Yes, a muslin blanket can indeed be an alternative from those disposable diapers. Just in case there would be poop accidents and you were not able to bring extra diapers, the muslin blankets are the perfect go-to. Just securely tie the muslin around the baby’s bum just and you can be sure that you are safe from further unwanted poop or pee accidents. 

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