Toddler proofing tips – a beginners guide to safety


It seems like only yesterday you brought home a sweet bundle of joy from the hospital. And now all of sudden you’re chasing around a little version of yourself that refuses to get dressed and hates having their face wiped! Having a toddler at home is challenging, but we wouldn’t change it for anything – it’s in this stage that they’re learning all about the world around them and their curiosity is extremely high.

As lovely as that is, you might become aware that danger is seemingly everywhere. Your home might suddenly be full of hazards, risks and potential threats to your toddler. But don’t worry – there are things you can do to ensure that your little one is safe and happy during this explorative stage. Read on for some beginners tips and good luck!

Keep your first aid in one place

Having toddlers at home means bumps, scrapes, scratches and grazes. So you’re going to need a good first aid kit to hand. Designate a box or a cupboard and label it with a first aid sign – which you can buy online – this will make it easier for any older children who need a plaster or any visitors to your home to find. And fill it with plenty of basic first aid items. Make sure that it’s all out of reach of the younger members of your family and ensure that it’s all kept clean and tidy.

In the kitchen

It’s not easy to cook a dinner while keeping your little ones out of trouble, but don’t worry. There are things you can do to ensure they’re safe whilst under your feet!

  • Use the back burners on your hob
  • Ensure that no pan handles are within reach
  • Keep all electricity cords as short as possible or out of reach
  • Install child locks on all cupboards and drawers.
  • Ensure cleaning chemicals, washing powders/pods etc are all out of reach and hidden
  • Keep toys and other trip hazards off the floor

In the bathroom

It’s the water element that makes the bathroom a dangerous place for toddlers. Remind yourself of how to keep them safe below:

  • Reduce the hot water temperature of your boiler so it’s at a safer temperature
  • Never leave them alone in the bathroom
  • Ensure toilet brushes/cleaning chemicals/razors and medications are all out of reach
  • Keep the toilet lid closed
  • Keep the bathroom door shut at all times

In the living room

This is the place where they’ll probably spend most of their time, so make sure you check everything is as it should be regularly.

  • Tie up blind chords or remove them and replace with a wand mechanism instead
  • Ensure that your TV is either wall mounted correctly. Or secured on a TV stand that won’t wobble or fall.
  • Keep your hot drinks out of reach
  • Try to keep the floor as tidy as possible
  • Remove any long wires or extension chords that could be a trip hazard
  • Cover sharp corners and edges like coffee tables, TV stands, hearths, fireplaces etc

If they have older siblings ensure that their toys are not within reach

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