Tired of Winter Already? Whirl-O® to the Rescue!



Besides the excitement of the New Year, is there anything worse than the month of January?

It’s freezing cold, kids have already tired of their holiday presents, and you just want to curl up in front of the TV, but then there’s the argument of allotted “screen time!”

If you’re like most parents, you just need to get yourself and your kids through the next eight weeks and with minimal iPad and TV time, right?

We have something that might help!

The Whirl-O® is a classic tin toy that teaches kids about magnets, light and color, and the wheel and axle. Regal Games, a small business that makes retro games, is trying to bring the Whirl-O back to the market and into your homes through a new Kickstarter campaign.

Donations to the Kickstarter campaign will be used to pay for tooling – also known as the new devices created to manufacture the Whirl-O®. To thank you for your donations, we will send out Whirl-O®s for you to play, teach or gift.

The Whirl-O® is a serious boredom buster – and, parents, you don’t have to feel guilty; it’s educational too!

How it works


The Whirl-O® is a magnetic tin top launcher.  To get started, roll the top along the two parallel disks also known as the rails.  This is called the “Simple Spin” or “Takin’ it for a Whirl”.  The new design also features a color morphing feature.

The Simple Spin is just the beginning.  Once you have mastered the Simple Spin, it’s time to launch your top.  Get it going fast and smooth, and then use the hubcap to give it a good thump on a table. With some practice, you can time it so you’ll know where the top will land. The faster your Simple Spin, and the better you stick the landing, the longer the top will stay spinning. 

Kids – and even some of us adults – will be addicted to the Whirl-O® in no time!

Entertaining and educational

The Whirl-O® is a great way for kids to explore concepts like magnets, the wheel and axle, and the role our eyes play in our perception of light.  Regal Games has even provided a set of free lesson plans written for elementary students. Download three free lesson plans here. Share them with your kids’ teachers for bonus points!

Bring back the Whirl-O®

The Kickstarter campaign to bring back the Whirl-O® is running now through February 11. Learn more and make your donation here.

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