Tips to Help with Long Distance Moving


Moving across the country can present numerous opportunities for a family, and it can be an exciting time knowing that a new future lies ahead. Yet, there are also some stresses that can show during the moving process, such as heightened anxieties from your children, and questions over how to move your belongings from one place to the next. This can mean that such stresses dampen the excitement of the new move, causing problems to your wellbeing. To ensure you don’t encounter extreme stress during this time, then it’s wise to follow some tips that are designed to make a long-distance move go as smoothly as possible.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

It’s easy when you are moving across a large distance to leave as much time as you would for a short-haul move. However, this isn’t recommended, and won’t leave you with enough time to organize your packing and book a moving company in advance. It is best for you to spend more time before the move planning exactly what you need to do, rather than dealing with the repercussions once you’ve moved far away.

Making a packing list, leaving enough time to pack, and organizing all your documentation can take up more time than you may be anticipating. Moving doesn’t just require you to pack your boxes and be on your way, but have schools set up for your kids for when you arrive, pre-arrange for all your post to be sent to your new address, and for certain taxes to be paid. When you have kids, everything takes a little longer than it usually would, so allocate for extra time to prepare if you know they take time away from having a quick moving process.

Pack only what you need

When moving, there is a large temptation to pack everything you own and take it with you. If you were moving down the street, this would be much easier, but moving cross-country means that you must leave some belongings behind. This isn’t to say you should part with valuable items, as these should be the priority on your list, but there are certain possessions that can be bought in your new area, such as pots and pans. This also acts as a good excuse to invest in new household wares when you get to your new place and to cut down on the costs of hiring a large moving van when you could use a smaller one. You could have a wardrobe clear out and donate your clothes to charity before you leave, or have a yard sale to get rid of any stuff in your house that you don’t want to take with you.

For any possessions you would love to take with you, but which you can’t take on the initial move, ask your family if they can store it in their house for a while. Alternatively, rent a storage unit for you to come back at a later date and collect them.

When it comes down to packing, start early, and make sure you pack your belongings away in a logical order. You could pack all the clothes in your house in some boxes, and all the linen in another. Others prefer to pack boxes in a way that reflects which room those items will go into when they reach the new house, which makes unpacking a seamless process. If you have kids, go through their packing with them to make sure anything valuable is put in the right place, and to have a fun bonding experience.

Enlist the help of a moving company

Moving within your local area means that you can move all of your stuff by yourself in a few trips, but moving far away makes this an impossibility. Though you may want to have control over the transportation of your belongings, you may not have the equipment needed to do this safely and efficiently. Once you have assessed your moving budget, it’s important to research the best companies that will help you with your move.

Some will be there to move your boxes from A to B, but others will be able to help you load and unload your boxes, provide a helping hand with what you might need, and with providing friendly co-operation over a long distance. Having good communication is key, and while you may choose to drive ahead of the moving company, or around the same time, you need to be promised that your possessions are in the best hands. This is why it’s better to go with a company that has your back throughout the whole process and has your best interests at heart. To find out more about which service will give you the best deal, visit

Discuss the move with your kids

Kids can be the biggest obstacle in your long-distance move going as smoothly as you hope. You must bear in mind that while this is a fresh start for you, your kids might not understand that yet. Moving away from their friends, anxieties over starting at a new school, and not wanting to leave their bedroom are only a few things they may be worrying about. This worry can often lead to them lashing out and being irritable. Though in the future they will come to appreciate this move and how it benefits them, they won’t be able to see it in the short-term.

Sitting down and having an honest discussion with them when you break the news is essential. Empathizing with their worries and showing them that their existing friendships won’t disappear is the best way for them to come to terms with the process. Even better is if you show them pictures of the new place and the new area, and get them in touch with the new school before they start attending it. Reassuring them of the great life that lies ahead will help ease their worry. This won’t solve their distress completely, but if you have faith in patience, you will see them come around to the idea and flourish in your new area.  

Research your new area before you leave

You will likely have visited your new area when you were exploring the housing market, and when you saw your next family home. Though being surrounded by fresh faces could be what you wanted the most from your move, it is nevertheless a daunting experience when you don’t know anybody. Before you leave, have a look at what local clubs you could join in the search for new activities and new friends. These could be sports related, book clubs, or even political ones. In any case, these are a sure-fire way of meeting the residents of your new area. When you arrive, your new neighbors will be one of the best friendly faces you can have, so go in with an open mind and an open heart.

One other thing to consider is the climate. You could be moving from a state dominated by blustery winters and orange-tinted falls to somewhere the sun shines perpetually. When you are packing your clothes, make sure your new climate has an impact on what you take with you; while you will need a heavy coat at some point, you won’t need the five you have in your closet in your old home. This goes for the opposite, too, as you may not have big coats in your sunny state, but you will need them if you are moving up north. If you are moving from a bustling city into the countryside, this could be a shock to the system, but have faith that you will adjust to your new home as time goes by.

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Mary Barnes
3 years ago

Great tips, I always try to plan everything and I end up looking for a moving company in order to help me out.

That is the good question my friends.

Joy Butler
3 years ago

This would be my first time moving out my hometown as I just got a job to a new place and found out that it’ll be much easier for me to just move in there rather than to drive a mile every day. I am now looking for a moving service which could help me with my things. No worries as I will bear in mind to pack only what I need.

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You hit the nail on the head by these tips! Thanks for sharing!

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