Tips for Organizing a Successful Fundraising Event


Do you have a favorite charity you’d like to do more for? Would you like to organize a fundraising event for your child’s school? Organizing a charity or fundraising event can be very rewarding. Not just for the charity but for you as well. Before you start making any preparations, there are some things you need to consider. The event should be memorable for your guests as well as raise money for your chosen charity. People also need to feel they are getting good value for money. Here are five things to consider before you start organizing a charity event.

Decide on Your Budget

The obvious goal will be to minimize expenditure and maximize fundraising revenue. The difficulty is deciding on the budget to reach said goal, without impacting on the experience of your guests. There is always the option of cash sponsorship if you need some extra funds. If this is your first ever event, you need to think carefully about the type of event you’re planning. You might want to organize an extravagant dinner and ball, but it might be more appropriate to set your sights a little lower. It’s important to keep an open mind at all times and be flexible.

Start Making Plans Early

Allow yourself a few months of planning time, regardless of the type of event. This will mean you’ve got plenty of time to secure additional funding, book vendors, find the perfect event lighting design and sell tickets. For your fundraising event to be successful, it’s helpful to invest in an experience event planning company, such as Vario Productions, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Where are You Going to Hold Your Event?

It’s all about the location, and you need to research what is available in your area. Spend time visiting various venues and assessing their suitability for an event. Consider accessibility, as you want all your guests to be able to get there. Will it create the right atmosphere and contribute to your chosen theme in a positive way? When you’re visiting the various locations and discussing options with the venue coordinator ask about discounts or special promotions. Mention that you’re planning a charity event and you might get a reduced price.

Consider Looking for Sponsorship

Cash sponsorship is going to be the preferable option, but don’t rule out other types of sponsorship or donations. You might find partners for your event that will happily provide beverages, food or cover the costs of printing and venue costs. The more money you can save the larger the profit you’ll be able to generate from ticket sales.

What Resources Do You Have Available?

Doing it all yourself may seem like the most inexpensive option but outsourcing to experts can sometimes work out to be more efficient and cost-effective. The reason behind this is that professional event organizers will have far more contacts and tricks up their sleeves that will mean the event enjoys more success. Before you rule out this approach, do some research and work out a budget. With all these considerations out of the way, you’re now free to get on with the fun part of the organizing. 

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