Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door Safe And Secure


Garage doors are used as an entrance to your home, a protection for your car and a storage space. However, it cannot be denied that this is also the area burglars used for breaking in. Most homeowners keep their personal belongings and valuable tools in the garage. 

This is why it has become a target for burglars. When your motorcycle, vehicles and other expensive equipment is stored in your garage, it is important that you keep this area safe and secure. Increasing the level of privacy of your garage should be a priority. When protecting your home, there are some best practices that you need to follow. 

Keep your garage door closed at all times 

Make it a habit to close and lock your garage door. Even if you are home, you should not remain complacent because there are still passersby that might be tempted to steal your valuables which are stored in your garage. In case you are planning to go out, closing and locking your garage door should be the first thing you need to do. 

Once your garage is closed, you will reduce the chance of forgetting to lock the door when you are out. If your garage is attached to your door, it is important that you keep the door which leads to your home closed and locked as well. You can also install a dead-bolt to ensure additional safety. If your garage has windows, you should not forget to close and lock them as well even when they are hard to reach. 

Install outdoor lighting 

Burglars are most likely to break into your home if the garage area is dimly lit. You can reduce break-ins when you keep the lights on. If your garage does not have an outdoor lighting installed, you should consider installing it for your safety. The outdoor lighting should be around your garage and home. There are also motion detecting lights that you can install. 

These lights will automatically go on when burglar approaches. The outdoor lighting will intimidate a would-be burglar. Motion-activated lighting are also energy efficient because you do not have to turn them on frequently. When your home is brightly lit, it can deter burglars from intruding into your private property. You are also adding extra layers of security. You can add outdoor sconces or pot lights as they add value to your home. 

Cover the windows of your garage

Your windows may allow would-be burglars to take a sneak peek at your valuable items. Be sure to cover your windows with curtains or blinds. When you make it difficult for others to know what is inside your garage, you are reducing the risk of forced entry. Even a sheer fabric is enough to prevent people from knowing the contents of your garage. Light filtering fabrics allow natural light to enter without making your valuables visible to intruders. 

Be sure to install a secure garage 

If your garage is not installed properly to begin with, keeping your home safe and secure will be impossible. You need to choose a garage door made from high quality materials. Since your garage will have many uses, it is imperative that you keep it in good condition. Potential burglars should not have the ability to break the door. The door should have a strong and secure barrier. 

These days, you can choose from a wide variety of garage door materials depending on your needs. If you have an old garage, call garage door repair Southlake service so you can have your door inspected for any damage. Your door will not work properly if it has not received any maintenance. The only way that you can extend the lifespan of your garage door to make it more resistant is to schedule regular tune-up and maintenance. 

Install an alarm system

An alarm system has never failed in deterring thieves from stealing your belongings. If you have a door sensor that will produce a sound when the garage door is opened, intruders will have second thoughts in breaking into your house. There is also another type of alarm which is equipped with a remote door sensor. With this feature, you can send a signal to the offsite monitor or receiver if someone has attempted to open your door. The silent alarm will alert the security system company that someone has attempted to access your garage. 

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