Tips For Finding A Personal Injury Lawyer That Is Right For You


When you have managed to acquire a successful personal injury claim with the assistance of a professional personal injury law firm, it can provide you with much needed financial help to pay for expenses that you’ve incurred after your accident.

Possible Costs Linked To These Cases:

  • Medical expenses for treatment and rehabilitation
  • Loss of income (past and future) due to your inability to work
  • Pain and suffering you’ve experienced
  • Property loss

Personal injury claims involve incidents where a person was injured to another person’s recklessness or negligence.

Examples Of Personal Injury Incidents:

  • An accident at your place of work
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Dog or animal bites
  • Medical malpractice incidents
  • Motor or truck collisions
  • Pedestrian accidents

Is My Accident Eligible For Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

People often think that they may not be eligible for filing a personal injury claim because the injuries they’ve sustained don’t constitute as serious enough. But any injuries you’ve sustained, no matter how insignificant they may seem, can have an impact on you financially and your quality of life.

All personal injury cases are unique and different. Therefore, it is important to get in contact with companies such as Marasco & Nesselbush Personal Injury Lawyers that can assess the details of your case, as they have a team of attorneys in their employ that are experienced in handling a variety of personal injury claims.

What Will Happen During My First Consultation?

Before deciding if your specific situation qualifies for a personal injury claim, an attorney will analyse the details of your accident and the extent of the injuries that were sustained.

It is important to give them all the facts and information relating to your incident so that they have everything they need to start the investigation phase.

Will I Be Able To Afford A Lawyer?

Most firms are prepared to work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you won’t be eligible for any legal fees straight out of your pocket. Once the personal injury claim was successful, a percentage of the compensation will be allocated for the legal fees relevant to your case. If it happens that the claim was unsuccessful, you will not be charged or their services.

How Do I Choose A Personal Injury Law Firm That Is Right For Me?

Consider their level of experience:

  • Trial experience (related to personal injuries)
  • Negotiation experience
  • A clear understanding of the processes and medical diagnoses related to personal injury cases
  • An understanding of negligence law and other relevant torts

Other Factors To Consider:

You need to understand what makes a personal injury attorney exceptional at what they do.

Location – you need the services of a lawyer that is located in the state where you were injured.

Focus of practice – a lawyer that specializes in the field of negligence and personal injury cases.

Reputation–ideally, he should have a good reputation.

Years of practice – experienced in cases like yours for at least a few years.

Disciplinary record – do they have past complaints filed against them or have they ever been suspended or disbarred. This information is available in public records.

Trial experience – an attorney that is not afraid to take your case to trial if need be.

Success rate – has the attorney won cases like these before.

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