Three Ways Grocery Delivery Can Save You Time


Shopping for groceries is never high on the list of things we like to do in our spare time. Fortunately, as technology improves, it has become easier than ever to simplify the way we shop, and this counts for groceries as well. Delivery services have expanded exponentially in recent years, and are saving Canadians countless hours wandering the aisles of their local supermarket. Here are some reasons why you might consider using services like online meat delivery to save you time.

  1. Less Time In Traffic

Traditionally, Canadian grocery shopping habits have been reliant on their transport options. For those living in urban areas without cars, this means long hours every week waiting for the subway, bus or streetcar with heavy shopping bags. And for those who get around by car, this means long detours to the supermarket on their way home from work or on a weekend morning. This just adds to the already significant amount of time we spend commuting. The average Canadian will spend nearly five hours a week getting to and from work, and for those in the Greater Toronto Area, that figure nearly doubles.

Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that instead of spending even more time going to the supermarket to pick up food, more and more Ontarians are opting to get their food through delivery services. Increasingly, it is much more convenient to get groceries delivered to your door on a schedule that works for you than to add to the hours you spend in the car.

  1. Repeat Scheduling Allows You To Keep The Groceries Coming

Humans are creatures of habit, and as such we tend to gravitate toward things we know we like. This is why many grocery delivery programs are creating options that allow Ontarians to set a regular order that is repeated on a weekly or monthly basis. Instead of having to select a whole new monthly meat delivery, for example, one can simply place a single order once and have it automatically recur as frequently as needed.

Not only does this save time on making a menu, it also allows consumers to plan their meals more effectively, knowing what ingredients will be arriving at what time every week.  

  1. You Can Get Groceries Delivered Where And When You Need Them

Delivery services are nothing new in the city, and it is now easier than ever to order food and have it brought to your door. But most of these services rely on dense urban living or are run by supermarkets. Not only does this place a limit on who can use them, it also means that every time you move you need to find out what options are in your area.

Fortunately, delivery service providers are catching on to this, and are now providing province-wide services. You can purchase from a single meat delivery provider like truLOCAL, for example, anywhere in Ontario, and have it delivered anywhere in Ontario. Going to visit your parents? Simply update your order address, and your box of mail delivery steak will show up at their door. Heading up to the cottage for a winter retreat? You can receive the same food you would in the city in the comfort of your cabin.

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